How to Replace a Troy-Bilt Mower Blade for Walk Behind Mowers

Troy Bilt LawnmowerWhen a mower begins failing to cut as cleanly as it used to, it may be time to look at the blades. Prolonged usage can dull blades and repeated impacts can cause damage, resulting in dangerous cracking or deforming the blade to put it out of balance. If that occurs, the blade may need replacement. Fortunately, replacing the blades on a Troy-Bilt walk-behind mower is a simple affair that can be done in complete safety with just a few simple precautions.

Parts Required

When performing repairs on any piece of mechanical equipment, owners should remember to use original equipment (OEM) parts. Most manufacturers will not honor the warranty of a machine if a repair was performed with aftermarket equipment and if further damage to a machine occurs, owners may be stuck with the damages. OEM parts are designed and constructed to factory specifications and will ensure that the part is appropriate for its purpose.

This is particularly crucial when replacing a lawnmower blade. Lawnmower blades rotate at thousands of revolutions per minute with a tip speed measured in hundreds of miles per hour. While mower owners will never try to strike rocks or harder terrain, accidents do happen. An improperly constructed blade can break at a weak point, sending fragments at high velocity into the deck or out the discharge chute. Excessively soft blades can also wear too quickly and reduce the machine’s performance.

The parts required to replace the blade on a Troy-Bilt walk-behind mower are minimal. Users will need the new blade, an adjustable wrench, and a gasoline container with a hose and a pump. Users will also need a blade removal tool, which is a device that clamps to the outer portion of the deck and stops the blade from rotating while the operator unscrews the blade retention bolt. These parts and any other quality original equipment parts can be purchased from Ralph Helm. Order blades and any other OEM equipment via the online parts lookup tool found on

Safety Precautions

The first step in safely changing the blades on a Troy-Bilt walk-behind mower is to secure a safe working environment. Locate a flat, level surface with plenty of clearance on all sides of the machine. Ensure that the area is free of obstructions that can cause the operator to trip or fall and ensure that the area is large enough to put the mower on its side. The area should also be well ventilated due to the necessity of removing gasoline to complete the procedure; outside areas are preferable, but a larger indoor area with open doors like a shop or a garage is also acceptable.

Before starting maintenance, owners should secure and put on a set of heavy work gloves. Owners will be handling an old blade that may still be sharp in some areas and a new blade which will be sharp. Use care when handling the blades and wrap them in a towel or other soft material when they are not in use. This will reduce the chances of injury should the operator slip near the blade while replacing it.

Step by Step Guide

Replacing the blade is a simple affair, although owners must ensure that the mower does not inadvertently start or spill fluids during the procedure. The motor should be cool before starting the procedure. While the mower is on a flat, level surface, disengage the spark plug wire. Then, insert one end of the gas pump hose into the fill neck on the mower and the other into the separate gas container. Using a pump, drain the mower of its gas. When that is complete, replace the fill neck to avoid any spare droplets of gasoline from leaking and to avoid harmful fumes.

Next, gently place the mower on its side. This will expose the blade. Affix the blade stop tool to the deck and place it over the blade. This will prevent the blade from rotating. From there, removing the blade is as simple as loosening and removing the central blade retention bolt. The blade should then freely disengage from the mower. Take care when handling it, as it may be sharp; discard it into a safe container or wrap it up in a protective garment like an old towel if the blade must be handled further.

To install the new blade, remove the new blade from its wrappings and reverse the process; attach the new blade with the old retention bolt and tighten to the factory torque specifications identified in your owner’s manual. Remove the blade removal tool by unclamping it from the deck. Push and rotate the blade to see if the blade has any unusual wobble or balance issues. If not, clear the area and flip the mower back up. Refill the gas tank and replace the spark plug wire.

Congratulations! Your Troy-Bilt walk-behind mower now has a new blade.

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