How to Tell That Your Snow Blower Needs to be Replaced

Your snow blower is an important outdoor machine that has a considerable amount of down time. Since snow blower owners don’t use the machine from April to September, its care is often neglected. As a result, malfunctions commonly occur. In other instances, the snow blower’s old age is directly responsible for its operational problems. Let’s take a look at some common indicators that it is time to replace your old snow blower.

Unreliable Belts

Far too many snow blower owners fail to inspect the machine’s belts before firing them up for winter use. It is imperative that snow blower owners remove the belt cover to look for wear and tear and cracking. If the machine requires a new belt each winter, its internal workings are malfunctioning. Sometimes, old snow blowers over-stretch belts during operation. Others require constant fiddling with pulleys in order to keep the belt properly taut. Don’t continually replace parts on your snow blower over and over. It’s a vicious cycle that will eventually add up to an amount of money that would have been better spent on a brand new snow blower.

Malfunctioning Starter Cord

Plenty of snow blower owners fail to pull the starter cord at the beginning of the winter to ensure its integrity. Oftentimes, the starter cord is egregiously frayed or cut. If you constantly have to replace the starter cord and experience a number of other maintenance issues, it might be easier and cheaper to buy a new snow blower.

Engine/Fuel Problems

Ethanol has been added to the fuel used in snow blowers and it has caused an array of problems in small sized engines. Fuel maintenance is critical to the health of your machine. If you have a problem draining the fuel from your snow blower’s tank and carburetor, it might be time to replace your snow blower. Harmful varnish deposits can form when aged fuel sits in a small engine for too long of a time. These deposits, along with the components of modern day fuel can significantly compromise the integrity of your snow blower engine’s efficiency and operational ability.

Inefficient Snow Removal

If your snow blower can no longer eliminate the quantity of snow that it used to or if it now takes longer to remove snow, it is time to upgrade. Today’s snow blowers are designed with the newest technologies that will not only prevent constant repairs but also improve operational efficiency. You will spend significantly less time and effort removing the snow from your driveway, parking lot or other surface when you upgrade to a new snow blower.

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