In-Depth: The Cub Cadet SC 500 HW Signature Cut Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Cub Cadet SC 500 hwFor homeowners who have decided that they need the power of a major equipment brand to get through their routine landscaping and lawn mowing chores, there are few options as good as Cub Cadet. The company enjoys a sterling reputation among commercial landscapers and even some homeowners who have embraced its riding mowers for work around the home. With its SC 500 line of walk-behind mowers, Cub Cadet scales things down a bit into a package that works well for homeowners with lawns of any size and terrain of any type. The entry-level SC 500 hw is a perfect example of this combination of compact size and powerful output, and it defies its “entry-level” label.

The Right Mower Features for Homeowners of All Kinds

Cub Cadet has made sure to pack its walk-behind mowers with the same commitment to power, performance, and convenience, that its riding mowers and heavy equipment have become known for over the past several decades. To that end, the SC 500 hw model sold by the company features one of the most powerful engines currently on the market for walk-behind mowers. Its high amount of power is used to power the self-propulsion system that utilizes the mower’s back wheels, as well as to spin the 21-inch blade that comes with the mower.

Another key feature to note when considering the SC 500 hw among other models is the use of two very large wheels on the rear of the mower. This is actually not uncommon for self-propelled lawn mowers, but it still stands out in some respects. The back wheels on this particular mower are bigger than those found on other models, and that means that the SC 500 hw is better equipped for rough terrain and unplanned for diversions in the yard. For homeowners who live in a hilly area, or those who have a yard with a few peaks and valleys, this mower will handle that diverse terrain in a much easier and more comfortable way than many other options on the market.

Cub Cadet is also thoroughly dedicated to making sure that its mowers enhance the natural environment rather than cause it problems. That’s why the company has packed a 3-in-1 bag with the mower, capable of retaining clippings and mulching other debris for secondary use around the home. The mower’s bag also comes with a unique lining that prevents dust from getting into the air, which makes this model perfect for homeowners who suffer from dust allergies and even seasonal allergies.

A Spec List that Should Appeal to Most Discerning Homeowners

Cub Cadet never shies away from power, and the SC 500 HW walk-behind mower is proof of that. The model comes with a 159cc Cub Cadet OHV engine, which is powerful enough to spin the mower’s blades and still keep the self-propulsion going. The engine is backed by a six-speed rear-drive system that effectively pushes the mower onward after it has been started, and most homeowners will love the smooth self-propelled movements that this mower brings to the yard.

Every mower in the SC 500 series comes with a 21-inch steel blade that perfectly matches the 21-inch deck size sported by all three models. Cub Cadet does note, though, that a blade size of 19 inches is also compatible with this and every model in the series. The SC 500 HW, like the two higher-end models sold by the company, can cut grass as short as 1.25 inches. The deck can also be raised to as much as 3.75 inches, allowing lawns to be cut a bit longer. The elevated height is also good for mulching and handling more challenging terrain around the home.

Those buyers who are concerned about the weight of a self-propelled model should rest easy when considering the SC 500 HW. The lawn mower comes in at just 78 pounds, making it the lightest of the three models Cub Cadet offers. It also is one of the lightest self-propelled models on the market.

OEM Parts are the Best Way to Go After Purchase

Consumers purchasing a Cub Cadet mower likely aren’t drawn to generic products that are “as good as” the real thing. That means that most people probably won’t even consider using generic replacement parts instead of OEM versions from Cub Cadet’s own factories, but it’s worth noting the benefits of OEM parts anyway. Because Cub Cadet makes them, they’re guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting, and they’ll be perfectly compatible for the mower model that they were designed for. Off-brand parts cannot be described the same way.

Ralph Helm Inc. Has All the Cub Cadet Mowers and Parts Consumers Want

From the smallest parts to the biggest Cub Cadet mowers on the market, Ralph Helm Inc. serves customers with powerful products, great parts, and excellent service. The company’s long history of experience in the industry ensures that customers get everything they need, and nothing they don’t, with each purchase.

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