Indoor Projects to do Before the Spring

It’s easy to hole up during the winter, assume that it’s too wintry to accomplish any home improvement projects and throw in the towel until springtime. But you don’t have to! Winter is the perfect time of year to tackle some of the indoor home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. The best part? Since you’re cooped up inside far more during the winter, you’ll appreciate your upgrades even more!

1. Bathroom Remodel

Whether you have a full remodel in mind or just a facelift, now is a great time to upgrade your bathroom. Updating the tile, fixtures, and even replacing your bathtub and flooring is a great small indoor project that yields big rewards. Imagine winding down from some cold snow shoveling in an oversized whirlpool bath in your newly updated bathroom. It’s the kind of project that pays off big time–in your own comfort and your home’s value.

2. Kitchen Update

Replacing your appliances, updating your backsplash, or updating your cabinet hardware (or all your cabinets!) all make great wintertime projects. You can’t beat the coziness of a refreshed, updated kitchen with new appliances to facilitate all the baking that’s bound to happen during the winter season.

3. Painting

If you keep waiting for the perfect opportunity to paint your living room, maybe this weekend is it! Painting is the least expensive way to completely overhaul the look and feel of a room, so enlist a few people to help and go for it!

4. Replace Light Fixtures

Old-fashioned light fixtures can age an otherwise lovely space in a heartbeat. Replace your out-of-fashion sconces and overhead lights with more efficient, more attractive options that fit your decor and style.

5. Make Over Your Closet

If you have to dig through a pile of stuff to find what you need in your closet, it’s time to make a change. Start by tossing all the clothes you don’t wear anymore, then consider adding shelving, hooks, shoe racks, or other storage solutions, so everything has a place. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to get ready for the day when your closet looks nice and your wardrobe is organized and streamlined!

For more ideas for winter remodeling projects or help getting started on your list, check out our blog for more winter home maintenance ideas, and stop by Ralph Helm in person to talk to an expert! We have everything you need to make big changes this winter season–and we’ll help you make your home more comfortable and cozy than ever, even when the snow is piling up outside.

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