Is It Time for Maintenance or A New Piece of Equipment?

You get your lawn equipment out of the shed for the first time in months, fire it up and quickly realize something is “off.” The question is, do you just need a repair or is it time to finally replace your equipment?

It is a fair question with a fairly simple answer: If the cost of repairing your lawn care equipment is greater than the cost of replacing it, then it is time to replace it. There are a couple exceptions to this statement, but overall this is the best advice.

Routine Repair vs. Major Investment

As with any vehicle or tool, knowing how to operate it is not enough. You should become familiar with the basic mechanisms of what you are using in order to understand what is actually needed when something goes wrong.

Superficial repairs are the easy access ones that usually can be handled by replacing manageable parts. Air filters, pulling cords, spark plugs and belts are some things that you may be able to replace on your own at a reasonable price.

Repairs that require more invasive procedures, such as those dealing with engines, axle rods, pistons, crankshafts and transmissions, are the ones that should definitely warrant a professional opinion. These invasive repairs are the ones that beg the question repair or replace.

The consultation with your chosen professional will help you to decide if the repair is worth the cost or if replacing the equipment is the better choice.

Maintenance Is the Key

After your mower has been sitting through the winter season, you should give it a once over before putting it back to work. This includes a diagnostic check by a local professional who can give it a tune-up or replace parts that have suffered from normal wear and tear.

If you are not comfortable unscrewing or loosening any part of your landscaping or lawn care equipment, then let a professional handle all of your equipment maintenance needs. Annual maintenance is a must to ensure the safe use of all of your equipment.

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