Keep Your Family Safe Around the Backyard Fire Pit

Keep Your Family Safe Around the Backyard Fire Pit

Bonding with friends and family while you enjoy a well-cooked and crispy hot dog or sweet, ooey-gooey melted marshmallow is even more fun on crisp fall nights when your backyard fire pit is providing the fuel. However, all those good times could come to a quick end if you have an accident around fire. What started out as some fall fun can rapidly turn into a dangerous situation, especially with kids around.

How can you be sure you’re staying safe while you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors around your fire pit? These tips will keep you out of the emergency room and out in the yard enjoying time with your friends and family.

Get the Right Tools for the Job

Instead of poking your fire with a stick, be sure you get the correct metal tools such as a fire poker and a set of tongs. This doesn’t have to be a big investment, but using the right tools ensures that you’re staying safe.

Fence it Off

When there are children around, you want to keep them as far away from the fire as possible. Adding a tall metal screen around your fire pit can keep little ones away from the open flame, but you’ll want to keep the fence low enough that adults can still tend the fire effectively. Don’t forget that even the metal fence will be too hot for little fingers!

(Don’t) Burn Down the House

Having fire pits with grass or other flammable materials close by means you’ll need to invest in a good fire extinguisher. Whether your fire extinguisher is the traditional red metal can or looks more like several 5-gallon buckets of sand, you need to ensure that you can put out any sparks that head out of the fire pit area before they get out of control. Wetting down the space around the fire pit certainly helps!

We hope you enjoyed these quick tips for staying safe around your fire pit! When you need to clean up your outdoors, keep Ralph Helm Inc Lawn Equipment Center in mind. We offer new equipment, parts and service for all your major landscaping and maintenance needs.

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