Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Staging can help improve your home value and sell your property┬ámore quickly because it makes the interior look bigger, newer, and more desirable to potential buyers. However, unless you make the exterior landscaping look just as appealing, buyers may never cross the threshold to see what’s available inside your rooms. Here are a few landscaping tips to help improve your curb appeal.

Prune trees and shrubs.

Dead branches, overgrown shrubs, and trees with unsightly shapes turns buyers off, no matter the season. Take time to shape your foliage with pruning so the green acts as a natural frame for your home. If any large trees or bushes block the architectural features of your home, consider cutting the plants down to size or removing them entirely.

Add color.

Color delights, surprises, and accents great swathes of green. The easiest way to add color is to plant blooming annuals. Groupings of flowers that are the same color have more visual impact than grouping of multicolored petals. But don’t be afraid of using different colors at different points in your landscape. Because color attracts attention, you can use it to lead visitors to specific parts of your garden, such as to a bench, water features, or viewing point.

Make repairs.

Wander around your landscape and view your exteriors, including your home, at least once. Look for areas that need repair, such as a broken stepping stone, torn window screen, or leaky faucet. Make these fixes yourself or get professional help. You don’t want homebuyers finding these problems because they tend to overestimate the cost of repairs and will mentally deduct those amounts from their offers.


Rent a power wash from your local home center and clean up exterior hardscapes like your driveway, porch, and stone walls as well as the outside walls of your home. Freshly cleaned spaces look brighter, roomier, and more attractive. This is a cost-effective way of making your exteriors look new, if you can’t afford to repaint them.

Eliminate the clutter.

Children’s toys, pet accessories, or gardening tools that are strewn across a yard detract from the beauty of landscaping and may turn off buyers that don’t have children or pets. Put these items away before the first open house so all buyers see in the landscape are the greenery and hardscapes that belong there.

Mow the lawn.

A well-tended green lawn communicates to buyers that the owner takes good care of the entire property. So mow your green spaces regularly and fill any bare spots with grass seed. Contact Ralph Helm Inc. Lawn Equipment Center if you want more information on taking care of your lawn and landscape.

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