Late Summer Lawn and Garden Tips for Homeowners

Maintaining a fresh, vibrant landscape and garden is a year-round process. So what does it take to keep it looking its best in the late summer? Here is a list of chores you need to add to your list.

Seed and Weed

If you have some dead patches or bare spots in your lawn, late summer is the time to start seeding. Combined with quality fertilizers, new seeds will have time to take hold in the ground, bringing your lawn back to life. This is also a good time to add some anti-weed solutions to your yard, to prevent the spread of weeds. In spring, weeds are likely to grow quickly, unless your lawn is treated in advance.

Plant New Trees & Shrubs

Given the temperate weather and soft ground, late summer is the time to plant fruit or decorative trees and shrubs in your yard. The hardware you’ll need for the process is minimal, usually consisting of a shovel, a bucket and a rake. It’s important, though, to add mulching when planting trees, along with making sure the root structure is exposed properly in the ground.

Keep Watering

Yes, summer is winding down, but there are still plenty of hot days ahead of us. Water evaporates very quickly this time of year, so make sure you’re keeping your plants hydrated. Your best bet is to water early in the morning before the hottest part of the day kicks in — this gives your plants the best chance at retaining the moisture.

Dig and Divide

End of August, early September is a good time to start dividing up your perennials. Anything that has stopped blooming should go. This will help keep them safe from pests and lawn diseases.

These lawn and gardening tips will go a long way towards keeping your landscaping fresh throughout the year. For additional information on yard maintenance and equipment, please contact us.

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