Lawn Care Tips for Spring

Spring is the time of year to prepare for excellent weather conditions. Even though the temperatures can drop and rise dramatically at the beginning of the season, it is still the appropriate time to start working on your lawn. Understanding some basic lawn care tips that are designed for the changing weather conditions will protect your lawn from potential problems and ensure that you have the perfect green yard that you imagined.

Test the Soil before Reseeding

Never assume that your soil is appropriate for the grass that you plan to plant. Test the soil early for the correct pH balance based on the type of grass that you intend to put in your yard. Prepare the soil for planting by removing any weeds and the roots of any weeds before putting down seeds for the grass. Early preparation and testing ensures that your lawn will have the right nutrients for healthy growth.

If it is necessary, add a fertilizer to improve the pH balance of the soil. The best fertilizer depends on the specific type of grass you are planting, so make sure you evaluate the options based on your grass before putting down any manure or fertilizer.

Mow the Lawn Regularly

Select a lawn mower that is appropriate for your goals. Keep in mind that a two-stroke and a four-stroke lawn mower have different features, so evaluate your goals and preferences before selecting a mower for the upcoming months.

Make sure that you set the mower to 1 or 1.5 inches before you mow the lawn. A healthy lawn cannot be cut too close to the roots or the soil. If you cut the grass too short, then it can reveal unsightly patches.

Treat the Lawn for Weeds and Pests

Do not allow weeds or pests to destroy your lawn. Use treatments designed for your specific needs to kill off any weeds that grow throughout the season and treat for common pests.

Refresh your yard for the upcoming spring and summer months by clearing away debris, testing your soil, and replanting if it is necessary for your lawn. Prepare in advance so that you have an excellent lawn throughout the season and you can enjoy the fresh smell of grass and plant life as the weather warms up.

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