Lawn Mower Safety Tips

The typical homeowner has gotten into the habit of operating his or her lawn mower once per week. Most fire up the mower without thinking about the sharp blade that is revolving beneath the mower top. Mowing the lawn has the potential to cause harm to yourself as well as those around you. If you aren’t careful, you could suffer a deep cut, lose a toe or finger, break a bone, or endure a burn. Let’s take a look at a few mowing safety tips.

Take Care When Troubleshooting Mower Problems

If your lawn mower is not functioning as desired, do not attempt to inspect it while the motor is running. Turn the mower off, let it cool down, and then perform your inspection. Never try to remove items caught beneath the mower with your hands or feet. Use a broom handle or a stick, instead.

A Running Mower Must Be Treated with Care

Never add fuel to a mower engine that is running or even hot. Always add gasoline before you start the mower’s engine. When the engine is running, do not leave the mower unattended. If you have to walk away from the mower, turn off the engine and restart it when you return to the mower. Also, avoid the engine cowling, as it generates significant heat and can easily burn unprotected flesh.

Protect Yourself

While you might have a top-of-the-line mower that is perfectly maintained, it can still encounter objects and spit them toward you. Always wear rugged sneakers and long pants when using your lawn mower. Some even wear goggles and protective gloves for extra protection. If you mow barefoot or in flip-flops or sandals, debris might be redirected toward your exposed feet and cause scrapes or deep wounds.

Never Mow with Children Around

If you have kids or live in a neighborhood with children, be aware of their positioning relative to your lawn mower. Teach your children to stay far away from the lawn mower at all times. Never let them play anywhere near the lawn mower or the lawn when it is being mowed. If you own a riding mower, do not permit your children to ride on it, even if a parent is present. Doctors commonly tend to injured children who suffer severe feet injuries as a result of riding on the back of rider mowers. Do not allow your children to operate a push mower until they are at least 13 years of age. A riding lawn mower should not be operated by anyone younger than 16 years old.

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