Lawnmower Maintenance Tips

Mowing your lawn involves much more than merely adjusting the blade, turning it on, and walking across the yard. If you do not take proper care of your lawnmower, you will shed years off of its life and possibly experience expensive problems in the short term as well. Keep in mind that the lawnmower is the average homeowner’s most frequently used outdoor machine. Even if you invest in one of the best models around, it will eventually break down if you do not perform regular maintenance.

Sharpen the Blade

Always keep your lawnmower’s blade sharp. A sharp blade will ensure a high-quality cut. If you let your mower’s blade become dull, it will rip grass instead of providing the clean cut that you desire. It does not take long for a mower blade to wear, as it comes into contact with all sorts of stress-inducing objects, like tree branches and rocks. If you are good with your hands, go ahead and sharpen your mower blade with a metal file and a vice. Do not hesitate to bring your mower to a repair shop where an expert will sharpen the blade for a small fee.

Oil Check

Check your mower’s oil from time to time. Take a look to see if there is floating debris or if the oil has darkened. If the oil is contaminated or old, it should be fully drained and replaced with fresh oil. Changing the oil is not difficult. Look beneath the mower to identify the drain plug. Remove it and allow it to fully drain. Take a look at your mower’s owner’s manual to determine the proper type of oil to use.

Undercarriage Maintenance

Be sure to clean your mower’s undercarriage after each mowing session. If you do not clean the undercarriage, it will eventually clog up with caked-on grass clippings and other debris. This clogging could block the mower’s discharge chute. Use a wire brush to scrape the dirt and grass clippings away. Then, spray whatever is left over with a hose. Ensure your safety by disconnecting the spark plug before working around the mower’s undercarriage

Inspect the Air Filter

Do not neglect your mower’s air filter. If the air filter becomes dirty or clogged, it will stress the mower and cause it to burn gas in an inefficient manner. The majority of lawn mowers have a foam or paper filter that you can access with ease. Don’t worry about the cost of a replacement air filter. They are quite inexpensive. Go ahead and replace your lawnmower’s air filter once per year to optimize its performance.

End of Season Maintenance

When the mowing season ends, drain the gasoline out of the mower. If you leave the gasoline in the mower, there is a good chance that it will not start next spring. Always use fresh gasoline each mowing season to ensure that your mower is running on high-quality fuel. Don’t forget to take your lawnmower in to a service center for a tune-up before mowing your lawn in the spring.

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