Liquid Snow Shovel

Every once in a while a new product comes along that is so innovative, we wonder how we got along without it. Such is the new product called Liquid Snow Shovel. This environmentally friendly liquid is used to treat surfaces to make it easier to remove ice and snow. Liquid Snow Shovel is made from a blend of calcium chloride with a proprietary stabilizer.

Benefits of Liquid Snow Shovel

  • Proactive – Application before snowfall makes it easier to remove ice and snow
  • Less toxic – Does not burn vegetation as much as other granular products
  • More durable – Stays in the pores of surfaces and does not get plowed away
  • Works at lower temperatures – Effective to – 25°F
  • Colorless, odorless, leaves no white tracking residue, not harmful to pets or humans

Comparison to Rock Salt
Rock salt is applied after snowfall. It causes corrosion to metal, which includes the undercarriage of vehicles and snow/ice removal equipment. Rock salt is bad for landscaping and people track it into the interior of buildings, creating a need for extra maintenance and clean up. Liquid Snow Shovel is 70% less corrosive than rock salt.

Liquid Snow Shovel works to keep ice and snow from bonding to surfaces. It may be used on asphalt, cement, or wood. It is effective to twenty-five degrees BELOW zero, whereas rock salt only works down to about twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Rock salt is subject to availability and the price fluctuates depending on demand. Liquid Snow Shovel, on the other hand, is always available and the price is stable, making it easier to manage winter budgets for snow and ice removal.

Easy to Apply
Liquid Snow Shovel is applied by simply spraying it on the surfaces to be treated. Then when it comes time for snow plowing and ice removal, the job is much easier and more effective without the difficulties associated with using rock salt.

De-icing Compared to Anti-icing
Liquid Snow Shovel prevents ice from bonding with the treated surfaces, which means it has anti-icing properties. It makes a barrier that prevents ice from bonding. Compared to other granular products, such as rock salt, which are applied after snowfall to help melt the ice, which are de-icing techniques, Liquid Snow Shovel is more effective. After plowing or shoveling with Liquid Snow Shovel, bare pavement remains with no ice buildup or residue.

Liquid Snow Shovel is available from Ralph Helms, as are any other winter equipment needs such as Cub Cadet snow blowers or Toro snow blowers.

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