Maintenance Tips to Make Your Yard Look Amazing this Summer and Fall

In early summer, many families are still scrambling to finish up school and after-school activities and may not be able to fully enjoy the beauty of their backyard. By the late summer and fall, however, people are headed back outdoors to enjoy the bright sunshine and warm weather before wintry winds set in. Wouldn’t it be great to keep your yard barefoot-worthy in the later summer months without becoming a slave to your grass? Check out our great maintenance tips that are sure to make your home a showplace this late summer and fall season.

Keep Soaking

Long, deep soaks are best for your lawn during the active growing season. Intensive watering is much more effective than frequent sprinkling, which can promote shallow root growth.

Raise it Up

While you may love the look of a close-cut golf course, clipping your grass too short can have a negative effect on growth patterns. Leaving your mower blade set to around 3 inches leaves a little more grass in place to push out the weeds.

Stay Tidy

Mulching is good, but large clumps of grass underneath your mower can cause rot, which can morph into diseases which will quickly spread across your lawn. Regular sharpening of your lawn tractor’s blades ensures a clean cut and good distribution of grass.

Filling In

Fill in any bare spots in your grassy carpet by first breaking up the soil and then sprinkling in grass seed. Top the area with some grass clippings to maintain moisture and water often until the seed germinates.

Raking Leaves

While well-spread organic material is great for your lawn, large clumps can cause your soil to ferment, which then causes gaping holes in your grass coverage. Keep leaves raked up and other debris mulched. Add some fertilizer if you’re in the northern part of the country so your lawn will be tucked in and ready for spring.

Keeping your lawn looking good can be very simple if you have the correct tools! Keep everything in good working order with services from battery testing to blade sharpening to mower service and more from Ralph Helm, Inc. Contact us today to learn more about our service options or to update your lawn maintenance equipment.

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