Mantis Classic vs. Classic Plus 2-Cycle Tiller

Mantis TillerWhen springtime arrives and homeowners start considering outdoor planting and gardening, one piece of equipment is more important than all others: The tiller. Tillers make it easy to go over the soil, breaking it up and priming it to nourish planted seeds toward healthy growth. Today’s customers have a number of manufacturers to choose from, and a variety of both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines to get the job done with relative ease. Mantis is one of the leading brands for today’s customers due largely to the company’s commitment to power, efficiency, and compact tiller size, and their two 2-cylce tillers are among the most popular on the market. Choosing between these two tillers does require a bit of careful consideration, however, as well as considering their key similarities and differences.

The Similarities: How the Classic 2-Cycle and Classic Plus Tiller Line Up

The Classic and Classic Plus tillers are almost completely identical in terms of features and hardware specifications. It all starts with the use of a lightweight, two-cycle engine. The engine is capable of producing up to 21.2cc of displacement, and uses the conventional gas-oil mixture that makes this type of engine architecture distinct. The large amount of power provided by this compact engine allows the tines to spin at up to 240 rpm, making them among the fastest and most effective tines of any tiller currently on the market. Interestingly, the two-cycle engine provides the same amount of power and tine speed to operators that the Mantis four-cycle tiller offers with a slightly larger engine in the mix.

Both tillers give off a moderate amount of noise, which makes them slightly louder than the typical four-cycle tiller. This is actually pretty standard, however, with two-cycle models from competing manufacturers also being rated just slightly louder than their four-cycle counterparts. Despite the louder amount of noise, however, Mantis’ models are still quiet enough to use for long stretches of time without fatigue or operator headaches.

As mentioned earlier, the Mantis Classic and Classic Plus both feature fast-spinning tines. That’s not where the actual tilling benefits stop, however. The equipment also features particularly long tines that can dig down to 10 inches below the surface, creating an ideal planting environment for all types of crops. The tiller’s unique “Serpentine” tine design also allows the tines to be effective even in hard, highly compacted soil that might not have been tilled at any time in the past. This added benefit puts both Mantis models well ahead of their two-cycle competition from other competing models from other manufacturers. A lifetime guarantee on these tines increases their value even further for most buyers.

Finally, it’s worth noting that both tillers have been fine-tuned so that they’re highly efficient, use minimal fuel-gas mixture during operation, and are exceedingly easy to start. Of course, the primary feature differentiating the two models determines just how easy it is to start each tiller from “cold” to active operation at the beginning of each task.

FastStart Technology is the Big Selling Point of the Classic Plus Tiller

In terms of virtually all hardware specifications and added features, the Classic and Classic Plus two-cycle tillers are identical. That is by design: By streamlining features and creating a simpler product line, Mantis is able to more easily accommodate the typical homeowner with a lightweight, easy-to-use piece of gardening equipment. The company does understand, however, that there’s room for at least one upgrade in the two-cycle tiller market: Easier equipment starting that requires fewer pulls of the starter grip and less up-front operator fatigue each time the tiller is used. That’s why the Classic Plus 2-Cycle Tiller comes with Mantis’ patented FastStart Technology.

Though identical in its engine type, 20-pound weight, compact size and folding handles, the Classic Plus features this significant upgrade that appeals to a large number of buyer. FastStart works by using a spring-loaded coil to more easily adjust the starter piston and compress air. This allows the mechanism to deliver fuel right to the tiller’s ignition point, which actually makes it easier for fuel to spark and for the engine to start up. The result is an effortless, nearly instant ignition process that represents a serious upgrade from the lower-end Classic 2-Cycle model.

Look No Further than Ralph Helm, Inc., for a Great Mantis Tiller

The best place to find a two-cycle Mantis tiller, whether it’s the Classic 2-Cycle or the company’s Classic Plus alternative, is Ralph Helm, Inc. With two convenient locations to serve customers in both Elgin and Crystal Lake, Illinois, it’s easy to find the perfect tiller along with expert assistant to pick the right model for each gardening and lawn maintenance concern. Afterwards, it’s even easier to use the website to find replacement parts and fluids for consistent, easy maintenance that will keep the equipment in like-new condition for quite some time to come.

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