Mantis Tillers: The Best Selling Mini-Tiller in the World

Mantis TillersBuilders of the original compact rototiller, for over 30 years Mantis has produced the most versatile compact tillers in the world. Since it was first introduced in the 80’s, the Mantis mini tiller has been imitated by virtually every other rototiller manufacturer, but its features, design and reputation for ease of use and dependability have never been equaled. Mantis tillers are lightweight, tough and packed with features, making them the perfect choice for the first time user, weekend warrior and full-time gardener.


Designed to handle any and all yard and garden projects, Mantis offers a complete line of tillers in various sizes, available with powerful and dependable 2- and 4-cycle engines. All mantis tillers are designed with a virtually indestructible, one-piece cast aluminum gear box for years of trouble-free service.

With the smallest units weighing in at just over 25 pounds and having fully adjustable, folding handlebars, there is a Mantis tiller to fit every need and gardener.

Combined with their patented reversible serpentine tiller blades, the Mantis tiller makes quick work of hard packed soil and cuts through clay as easily as sand. A convenient kick stand keeps the unit standing upright and ready to go.

Mantis offers an extensive line of tiller attachments, such as a lawn aerator, plow or dethatcher, to make any lawn or garden project a snap.


Small, portable and maneuverable, Mantis tillers are able to work in tight spaces where a larger tiller would often be too cumbersome to fit or be too difficult to handle, while still being powerful enough to handle any project. From excavating holes to turning compost, Mantis tillers can:

• Edge close to existing garden rows
• Till soil and mix compost piles
• Aerate and dethatch lawns
• Break up and plow left-over garden debris into soil
• Dig deep holes for planting trees
• Breaking new ground for cultivating new flower and vegetable beds
• Work between rows, removing weeds from existing gardens
• Cut furrows for planting root crops, such as potatoes and perennial flowers

Industry Leading Warranties

Mantis tiller warranties are second to none, with an industry-leading full 1-year home trial money-back guarantee. Mantis is so confident of their tillers, if after a year, if not completely satisfied, Mantis will provide a no-hassle refund of the purchase price.

Mantis provides a 5-year warranty on all new tillers against defects on all parts and labor from the date of purchase. For factory recondition units, Mantis offers a full 2-year warranty.

Mantis offers an unconditional lifetime warranty against breakage on all of their patented serpentine tines on all tillers.

What Customers Are Saying About Mantis Tillers

Mantis tillers are the best-selling brand of tiller in the industry. With over 1 million satisfied customers worldwide, Mantis owners from around the globe continually sing the praises of the line of Mantis tillers.

A 75 year-old Mantis owner from the Missouri Ozarks, where the soil can be exceptionally hard to till, stated he has never seen any tiller, of any size, that could compete with the Mantis.

A Mantis owner from Idaho says that the grass dethatcher attachment cuts a multi-day project down to a two-hour task.

An Ohio gardener, a Mantis owner ever since he borrowed his neighbors unit and immediately fell in love with it, reports two minor issues were handled promptly and to his complete satisfaction.

A lifetime gardener from Illinois states that he doesn’t use his big cumbersome tiller since he bought his Mantis.

A homeowner from Iowa says her mantis is so easy to use she has been able to expanded and maintain a garden large enough to grow enough fruits and vegetables to save her family hundreds of dollars a year.

Over 1 million satisfied customers can’t be wrong. For home lawn and garden projects, when purchasing a tiller the number one choice must be a Mantis.

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Image source: Mantis

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