MS 441 STIHL Magnum® Chain Saw Review

Manufactured to the standards of professional use, the MS 441 STIHL Magnum® chain saw is an excellent heavy duty chain saw. Possessing a wide range of features rarely seen in other chain saws, the MS 441 is designed to provide versatile, high-powered cutting ability in an environmentally friendly, easy to use package. It also benefits from the reliability and ease of repair that comes with the STIHL brand.

Key Features

Environmentally Friendly – As signified by the “Caring for Nature” seal that it bears, the MS 441 chain saw meets or exceeds STIHL’s standards for low-exhaust emissions. This certifies that emissions are even lower than the standards set by both the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board.

Improved Air Filtration – Using new air filtration technology, centrifugal forces within the engine are used to separate incoming air from the dirt and particles it contains. The clean air is passed through the air filter before entering the carburetor while the dirty air is passed through a separate channel to cool the cylinder. This system improves air intake and allows the air filter to operate at least twice as long before requiring replacement.

STIHL Quickstop Plus – Operating a chain saw can be a dangerous activity, but STIHL Quickstop Plus technology works to make it safer than ever. The Quickstop includes a quick and efficient manual chain brake that engages within one second after releasing the rear handle. This reduces the chance of accidental injury without damaging the saw or the blade.

Reduced Vibration – An efficient anti-vibration system greatly reduces the amount of vibration felt while using STIHL power equipment. In addition to improving overall comfort for the operator, the minimal vibration also reduces fatigue and allows the operator to work for long periods of time.

Easier Starting – Two pieces of technology make the MS 441 one of the easiest-starting chain saws on the market. The STIHL ElastoStart starter handle incorporates a shock absorber which eases the force associated with the initial compression stroke. A decompression valve further reduces the force necessary to start the chain saw by venting compression within the compression chamber during startup.

IntelliCarb Compensating Carburetor – A clogged or partially restricted air filter can cause a chain saw to run improperly, potentially causing damage to the saw. With the new IntelliCarb carburetor, the STIHL MS 441 compensates for the restricted air flow by adjusting the flow of fuel. This ensures that the chain saw consistently runs correctly, even if the air filter has become partially clogged.

Winter/Summer Shutter – The work doesn’t stop once the temperatures start dropping, so the MS 441 also includes a shutter to choose between winter and summer operation. Once temperatures reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the shutter should be switched to the winter setting, which stops the carburetor from icing. Carburetor icing can cause abnormal idling, poor performance and fuel supply problems.

Recommended Uses

The excellent power and durability of the MS 441 STIHL Magnum® makes it ideal for professional use. The MS 441 excels in logging or land-clearing applications, farming, firewood cutting and other jobs that demand a rugged, heavy-duty chain saw. With features such as the IntelliCarb carburetor and a shutter for winter or summer use, as well as the pre-separation filtration system, the MS 441 is well-suited for harsh working conditions as well. The comfort features and overall ease of use, however, also allow the MS 441 to be employed in home use as well.

Where to Buy

While there is a range of buying options for STIHL chain saws, a local authorized dealer is always recommended. STIHL carefully chooses independent servicing dealers to ensure that customers get the best possible service along with the right tool for the job.

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