Natural Solutions to Keep Animals from Snacking on Your Plants

There is nothing more frustrating than spending time and money to have great landscaping, only to find that animals have made your lawn and garden their personal buffet. A few animals scampering across your lawn is one thing, but once they start to dig up the grass or nibble at the garden plants, it can result in serious damages to all of your hard work.

The most common animals that damage lawns and gardens are chipmunks, deer, rabbits and raccoons. The good news is the following natural solutions should help protect your lawn and garden from these animals, without hurting the animal.

Eggs and Bouillon Cube Spray

Fill a bucket with water, add one dozed eggs (without the shell) and four beef bouillon cubes. Mix the ingredients, cover with a lid or plastic wrap and allow the solution to “cure” for about a week. After curing, remove the lid and add a couple of tablespoons of dish soap.

Fill a squirt bottle with the mixture and thoroughly coat the ground around your garden and the edge of the lawn. The smell will deter the deer from entering your yard.

Garlic Solution

This homemade garlic solution will repel a variety of animals, such as rabbits, deer and opossums as well as several insects. Soak minced garlic cloves in mineral oil for at least 24-hours.

Strain the garlic from the oil and in a spray bottle, mix the garlic, 1 teaspoon of fish emulsion, 1 tablespoon of castile soap and about 16-ounces of water. Shake well and spray on your vegetable plants.

Lemon Peels

If you have a problem with stray cats using your garden as a litter box, scatter lemon and orange peels in the garden and/or around your yard. Sprinkling coffee grounds, lemon grass oil, lavender oil, mustard oil or citronella oil in areas where you notice the cats will keep them out of the treated area.

Hot Sauce

Make a solution of hot sauce and water, fill a spray bottle with the mixture and spray around the perimeter of your yard and/or in the garden to prevent raccoons and deer from entering.

Even when using natural solutions, always use caution when spraying around the garden area. Some ingredients may harm delicate vegetables and flowers. For the safest result, only use solutions that contain natural ingredients, especially if there are domestic pets that live near your home.

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