New Realtree Camo Design for the Honda EU2000i Portable Generator

Honda EU CamoHonda’s EU2000i generator stands out as one of the company‚Äôs most compact and popular available generators for both indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to its relatively minimal noise level, abundant power, and ability to link with other Honda generating products, it’s flexible enough to meet the needs of virtually every buyer. With a new design that leverages the power of Realtree’s popular camouflage pattern, the generator is even more versatile for those who need discreet, abundant power during hunting season or throughout the year at the nation’s campsites.

A Look at the EU2000i Generator’s Features

Though the exterior of the generator features an exciting new design for outdoor enthusiasts, the features that make this model so popular remain largely unchanged. Honda has made use of its excellent two-tier noise suppression system, which makes this generator one of the most quiet on the market in this size range and power level.

The generator also comes with enough power to simultaneously keep a small refrigerator, computer, a coffee pot, and even a television running. That’s impressive, and it means this generator will be a welcome addition outdoors as well as a great boost to any home where power outages occur a bit more frequently. Honda has also made sure this generator can “team up” with other EU2000i models in order to effectively double its generating capacity. While this may have limited use outdoors, it’s a great way to keep even more appliances running when a home is without power during particularly cold or hot times of the year.

As with all generators in this class, the EU2000i is particular lightweight and easy to carry between locations where its needed the most. Honda has even designed this model with a built-in handle, which makes transporting the equipment a breeze even during emergency situations. Its alert systems, which notify buyers about oil problems and more, enhance its safety without sacrificing mobility in any way.

Specs: What it Takes to Get the Job Done

The specs of Honda’s EU2000i generator are as impressive as the equipment’s list of features. First and foremost, the dual-tier noise suppression system comes with a surprisingly low decibel rating Between 53 and 59 decibels are produced by the equipment based on how heavily loaded it becomes, which is a virtual whisper when compared to other products already on the market from competing manufacturers. Such noise levels will be virtually inaudible inside the home and will be hard to hear even when camping outdoors or pursuing other recreational pursuits that this generator powers.

The generator’s model number is derived from its production of up to 2,000 watts, or 120 volts, of power. As mentioned earlier, that’s enough to handle several appliances turned on and operating simultaneously. The generator offers 12-volt, 8-amp DC power output and comes with a regulator that will keep computers, smartphones, and tablets safe from power surges or so-called “brownouts” during use.

Honda powers the generator with one of its own engines. The GX100 keeps appliances going with minimal noise and is rated at just 98.5cc of displacement. This engine is also a key factor in the generator’s overall quiet operating noises and its ability to be lightly carried wherever it’s needed the most. Engine power is provided by a 0.95-gallon fuel tank that allows the generator to run for between 4 and 9 hours based on its overall load. All told, the EU2000i portable generator comes in at a total weight of just 46.3 pounds.

Available Accessories for Honda’s EU2000i Generator

Honda’s accessory lineup for this model is robust and designed to keep it in good repair for years to come. New buyers will be particularly drawn to storage covers that keep moisture and debris away from the equipment, while those with experience using generating equipment will appreciate the available anti-theft gear, additional light, and DC charging cord.

For those buyers who are considering ditching the new camouflage design at some point, the company’s “Skin It” accessory will turn the generator into a bright red, standard Honda design. Available skins also feature football settings and other engaging images that easily make this generator the most customizable and personal model currently on the market.

As always, OEM parts are available for any maintenance needs that arise after purchase. Honda maintains a national network of authorized dealers that can help locate the proper parts for any maintenance need or repair concern.

For New Generators or Replacement Parts, Visit Ralph Helm, Inc.

Thanks to its compact size and excellent performance, the EU2000i has long been one of Honda’s most popular models. With its new Realtree camo design, the generator is likely to appeal to even more buyers. For new Honda generators and the parts that keep them running for years on end, be sure to visit It’s an easy way to commit to great long-term maintenance and exciting new products for the outdoor enthusiast.

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