New Toro Snowblower Features


Toro recently introduced some new models of their snowblowers, including the 26-inch Power Max 726 OE and the 24-inch Power Max 724 OE, both of which feature a breakthrough technology for protecting against clogging. The new anti-clog feature really works.

When a snowblower operates in heavy snow, it has a high chance of developing problems on the chute located behind the auger. Two-stage snowblowers use impellers to lift whatever is scooped up by the auger. However, when snow is particularly heavy, it usually prevents snow from being discharged from the chute.

Clogs tend to occur if the moist snow rises too slowly, as it will not allow more snow that comes from beneath to have enough room.

The two-stage snowblowers are suitable for large driveways that can accommodate up to six cars. The surface of the driveways may be made of asphalt, concrete or gravel.

New Toro Snowblower Features

The new snowblowers from Toro have a number of special features. Let us take a look at a couple of the most attractive ones.

  1. Built-in Bypass

The new snowblowers from Toro do not posses some magical powers that heave the heavy snow up the chute. Instead of the snow packing tightly inside the chute, however, it simply goes across into a special bypass built inside the chute.

The bypass is not a mere decoration. On-the-ground tests have proved its efficiency. When snow slips across into the bypass, it falls back into the auger, which allows the impeller to clear off whatever is remaining inside the chute.

2. Throwing Power

The new Toro snowblowers are powerful enough to dig up snow that goes up to 12 inches deep and then throw it away to a distance of up to 45 feet. The two-stage system makes them effective for removing compacted, heavy and wet snow with relative ease.

Replacement Parts

Depending on your needs, you may choose any of the new Toro models. Whatever your choice, ensure you buy OEM replacement parts. Toro recommends OEM parts only for their machines. Parts that may break as you clear your driveway include belts and shear bolts for the two-stage models. It is especially important to have spare belts to be prepared for major storms.

The shear bolts are attached to the shaft of the augers. They protect the transmission by snapping when they are overstressed. However, their breakage leads to the failure of that section of the auger, which will not turn as required.

Other recommended OEM parts include snowblower tires, tire chains and scraper blades. Some miscellaneous parts are starter switches, starter gears, flat idlers and gas caps.

Where to Buy Replacement Parts

To order Toro OEM parts from a reliable source, contact Ralph Helm Inc. This lawn equipment center has served the Fox Valley from 1923. The company provides an Advantage Service Guarantee that gives customers guaranteed priority service. It also provides the customers with a loaner throughout the lives of their units.

Ralph Helm Inc. has a user-friendly online parts lookup tool that makes locating, ordering and shipping your OEM parts an easy process.

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