Pre-Season Lawn Tips: Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

You have been working hard all winter to maintain your lawn and garden area, but spring is just around the corner and in no time at all, it will be time to start prepping your yard and garden area for spring weather. 

How to Revive Your Yard

Throughout the winter, while you may have done a good job of protecting your grass and garden areas, you are still likely to discover a bit of damage to the area. This is inevitable, but it can be decreased with the right precautions during the winter months. For more on these tactics, please refer to our winter preparation blog post. Now that the temperatures are rising, it is time to completely revive your yard and garden. You can start this process by performing a soil test. When you perform one of these tests, you can discover exactly what kind of fertilizer you need to apply.

Once you know what you need, you can purchase the fertilizer for your yard. If your yard is large enough, you may also want to invest in a fertilizer spreader. We recommend the Toro Feed Fertilizer Spreader. This type of tool makes application very simple and easy. As an added bonus, if you are also planning on applying preventative fungicide or pre-emergent herbicides to your yard or lawn, this fertilizer spreader will greatly cut down on the amount of time you spend applying all three.

The ultimate goal is to revive your lawn in a steady manner. You will want to gradually bring it back to its original form. Starting to prepare it before spring will help with this process. If you are planning on gardening this year, this is also the time to either reinvest in some new garden tools or prepare your current ones for use. Spring is a popular time for many to plant flowers and other varieties. Do your research to determine what is on your list and plan accordingly. With the right approach, you will have a thriving spring lawn and garden in no time at all. 

Some Items You May Need:

  1. Fertilizer (slow-release is a good option for spring preparation)
  2. Fertilizer Spreader
  3. Garden Tools (if you plan on having a garden this year)
  4. Pre-Emergent Herbicide (Optional)
  5. Preventative Fungicide (Optional)
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