Preparing Outdoor Power Equipment for Winter

Preparing Outdoor Power Equipment for Winter

Fall is nearly finished, which means winter will be here soon. It’s time to put away the lawn mower and weed eater and move the snow blower and generator toward the front of the garage. After the last mow of the season, it is important to properly prepare your outdoor lawn equipment for winter. The following tips will help ensure your summer and fall power equipment is ready to be stored and the winter equipment is ready for use.

Maintenance, Servicing and Storing Summer Equipment

Before summer power equipment is stored for the season, it should be cleaned and serviced. Whether you do the maintenance and servicing yourself or you take it to a repair shop, it is important to:

  • Drain and change the engine oil
  • Clean the undercarriage on the mower and sharpen the blades
  • Clean the air filter

Spring and summer equipment should be stored in a clean, dry area, such as the garage or a shed, and the gas should be drained before storing.

Preparing Winter Power Equipment

Before using any of the winter equipment, it is best to review the owner’s manual just to re-familiarize yourself with required maintenance and how to safely handle the equipment. Carefully inspect your snow blower and generator to ensure there are no damages, such as loose or damaged wiring that occurred during storage. Preparations for use should include:

  • Recharging the battery to make sure it has a full charge in case of an unexpected winter storm
  • Fill gas cans with the type of fuel recommended for your equipment (this information can usually be found in the owner’s manual)
  • Check the oil level, then change and/or refill if necessary
  • Check spark plugs to ensure they are clean and securely in place

This is also the time to prepare your small, non-powered tools and equipment. Inspect your snow shovels to make sure there is no damage to the blade and that the handle is securely in place. Make sure you have plenty of salt on hand and that it is placed in a convenient location, such as toward the front of the garage or shed.

Contact Ralph Helm Inc. Lawn Equipment Center to learn more information about safely preparing outdoor equipment for winter or to schedule an appointment for maintenance and servicing on all of your lawn equipment.

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