Preseason Maintenance

The best time to take lawn equipment in for maintenance is when there is no need to use it. Winter offers the perfect opportunity to take lawn equipment in for an annual checkup and preseason professional maintenance. Spark plugs may need to be changed, carburetors cleaned, and blades replaced or sharpened. Winter is the best time to take care of these things. When springtime comes around, everything is tuned up and ready to go.

Preseason Maintenance Checklist for Lawn Equipment
Here's a handy checklist of things to do for annual seasonal maintenance to make sure your lawn equipment is ready for use in the upcoming year:

  • remove any debris that has built up
  • drain any gas (and dispose of it properly) Note: Many manufacturers recommend draining all gas before putting equipment in storage
  • check for rust or sludge in the gas tank and clean as required
  • change oil
  • clean air filtration system and replace filter as necessary
  • inspect the exhaust system and make repairs if needed
  • clean and adjust the carburetor
  • change spark plug(s) and set correct spark gap for new ones
  • look for and tighten any loose bolts
  • replace any broken parts, springs, or armatures 
  • clean and sharpen blade(s)
  • add new gas or gas/oil mix as appropriate
  • start it up to make sure it is ready to go 
  • for hand-push mowers, check the rope pull for wear and replace if worn
  • for riding mowers, add a tire check and axle grease/lubrication of undercarriage

For Electric-Powered Equipment such as Edgers and Trimmers:

  • clean off built up debris
  • check cord for damage, repair as necessary
  • replace fuse if needed
  • lubricate
  • sharpen blades 

The down time during winter when lawn equipment is not in use is the perfect time to schedule a professional annual tune-up. Preseason maintenance gives you plenty of time to get everything in peak condition with spare time to order any needed special replacement parts.

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