Press Release: Ralph Helm Toro GrandStand Promotion

510440GrandStandlc1101_gs74583_r_334.jpgThough many lawn mower buyers are interested in either walk behind models or riding mowers, a fast-growing segment of the market actually prefers stand-on mowers that offer a bit more flexibility and speed for mowing larger areas. This Spring, Toro has those customers firmly in mind with a unique promotion on its GrandStand model. Between now and May 31, 2014, the company is offering a full $500 discount on any new GrandStand model as long as customers enter the promotional code “1401” during the checkout process. With as much power and as many features as this mower offers, that represents a significant value as the spring landscaping season gets underway.

The GrandStand Mower Offers Some Unique Features

Though they’ve been around for quite some time, stand-on mowers remain a mystery to many homeowners and commercial customers. Generally, they’re designed to be just as expansive as riding mowers but with a bit less weight and more flexibility. Operators stand on a platform and control the mower that way, rather than sitting down as they get the job done. With that in mind, consider the top features offered by the GrandStand from Toro:

– A collapsible operator platform makes this model one of the most versatile on the market, since it can operate as a walk behind mower when the platform is folded into the back of the mower.

– The addition of the Toro Turbo Force mower deck means that the equipment can produce high levels of cutting accuracy even at high levels of speed and on uneven terrain around the home or in commercial environments.

– Flex-Ride, a unique platform technology developed by Toro for stand-on mowers, uses a unique suspension and vibration-absorbing materials to reduce operator fatigue. This works by stopping engine vibrations at the source, keeping the platform entirely independent.

– The drive system paired with this particular model is designed to pair fast overall speeds with precise operation. This is a perfect mix for commercial operators, who often need a mower than can handle large swaths of land, high rates of speed, and exceedingly accurate levels of cutting performance for professional results.

Toro Targets Homeowners and Commercial Buyers Alike

The special offer made available this spring by Toro is targeted to both homeowners and commercial customers who need a new stand-on model. Toro has worked to strike a delicate balance with the GrandStand series of mowers, making them big enough to work well in commercial landscaping businesses but light and compact enough to be easily stored in a home garage or tool shed.

With that said, it’s worth noting that the GrandStand is a pretty large mower and it probably isn’t the best choice for homeowners without an expansive lawn. Only those with a significant amount of turf to cover throughout the summer will want to opt for this unique mower and special price.

Get Started with the Toro GrandStand Mower at Ralph Helm, Inc.

Prospective lawn mower buyers in Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL, will want to start their shopping process at Thanks to the company’s long relationship with Toro, this spring’s coupon and special offer can be easily redeemed during the checkout process at the company’s website. Ralph Helm, Inc., is also a worthwhile partner for long-term ownership, with a vast array of OEM Toro parts that will help with routine maintenance and the occasional repair.

Remember, Toro’s $500 discount offer on GrandStand stand-on mowers runs from now through May 31, 2014. Interested customers should get in touch with Ralph Helm, Inc. and mention coupon code “1401” to get the best possible deal on this innovative piece of equipment.

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