Proper Techniques for Edging Your Lawn

Edging your lawn can transform a yard into a beautiful landscape. Edging will give it a finished and manicured look as it will help prevent grass in the lawn from invading the flower bed, driveway, walkway or patio. Additionally, edging helps to define your garden and lower the number of chores for maintenance. Edging also helps to keep visitors on pathways.

Edging tools

If you want to edge your lawn manually, you will need tools, such as a square-bottomed spade or a half-moon spade. For laying out the edge, a string and wooden stakes are helpful. Another alternative is to use a garden hose. It is useful for a serpentine edge.

Homeowners with a large yard and a lot of edges to maintain can use a motorized edger. This device is powered by a gasoline engine or an electric motor. There are many brands of edgers available in the market to suit your budget and yard size.

Edging techniques

In order to make professional looking edges, you need to know the proper edging techniques. Do not forget to wear safety glasses, ear protection, work gloves and shoes.

If you want to have a clean, straight edge for your garden, you can use a pair of stakes and a string to connect the sticks. For a curvy edge, a standard garden hose is helpful as a guide for the layout. A hose is flexible and you can adjust the outline until you are satisfied with the result.

Using string or hose as a guide, you can dig the edge with a half-moon spade or square-bottomed spade. Push the spade with your foot into the soil at a minimum 60 degree angle and push it up to bring out the soil. The cut should be about five inches deep to ensure any weed or grass roots get severed. This will keep grass or weeds from invading the garden bed. Do this continuously along the string or hose until you reach the end point. Now you have a professional looking edge.

Once you are done edging, you can crumble the soil to take out the grass or weed roots. Next, you can even the garden surface with a hoe. It is also a perfect time to put down mulch.

For a large lawn, a power edger will save time. This machine can cut a beveled trench around the flower beds or a narrow trench along the driveway or pathway. Usually the machine has a two or three-tip blade, or a circular cutting wheel. Some edgers even have dual use as a string trimmer. When using a power edger, start cutting at a shallow depth, repeat the process by making several passes to cut deeper. Refer to the operation manual to get the most out of your power edger.

Whether you are edging your lawn manually or using a power edger, you will transform your flower beds, pathway, driveway and walkway into a beautiful landscape.

Decorative edges for your garden

Adding decorative edges to your flower garden will enhance the appeal to your yard and landscape. Edges come in many types such as bricks, recycled plastic forms, fake stones, fences, and more. Many homeowners use heavy and permanent materials, such as a low brick wall, or rocks set together with mortar. Find materials that complement your garden to help enhance its beauty.

The decorative border will function as a frame for your garden. For instance, using bricks for edging will give a finished look. Their earth toned colors complement the lawn and garden. If you want to use bricks for edging, you can dig a trench along the flower bed. Add sand to the trench to level the edging, and then set each brick next to each other. Each brick must be level and even before you set them by tapping each gently with a rubber mallet.

You can also decorate your lawn edge with a living border. Flowering plants, such as phlox, are perfect for a living border for your lawn. This plant comes in many colors and it will create a beautiful edge in the spring with its pink or white flowers. Pansies, petunias or violas are another attractive living border for your garden.


Creating professional looking edges to your landscape will enhance the beauty of your yard and make it easy to maintain. You will have a healthy, dense and green grass, free of many lawns problems such as insects, weeds and disease. Proper edging techniques will not only make you lawn a comfortable and an inviting place for outdoor activities, but perfect edging will create a truly memorable lawn.


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