Prune Like a Pro: Top 5 Tips for Amazing Shrubs

Things can quickly get dicey when it comes to proper shrub and hedge maintenance — too much fertilizer and you risk burning the delicate leaves, too much pruning and you’ll end up with something that looks like an 80s haircut gone horribly wrong. Well-maintained shrubs can’t be beaten as a way to edge your property and keep unwanted visitors and pets out of your space. But how can you keep things looking neat and trimmed without taking a class as a master landscaper?

1. Disease Prevention

Fungus can take hold before you know it and spread quickly through your evergreens, causing them to drop leaves, turn yellow or get unsightly spots. Prevent many diseases by limiting how much you water the leaves and water the roots instead.

2. Timing is Everything

See those light green delicate buds? That’s new growth, and you don’t want to prune when you’re seeing it! Pruning when your ‘greens are growing can damage the plant and cause it to take longer for the hedge to fill out.

3. Internal Cuts

Pruning should not just occur on the edges of the plant. instead, you should prune a few branches from the interior as well to keep the plant from getting too thick. Allow proper ventilation throughout the plant and let light reach the interior by using hand pruners to shear off a few interior branches at a 45-degree angle.

4. Choose the Right Plants

Selecting plants that grow to approximately fill your space is crucial. If you get an evergreen that naturally is bushy and you’re trying to fill in a narrow space, you’re going to be frustrated with constant pruning and the plant will never thrive as it should. Instead, find plants that are similar in size and shape to your desired location.

5. Cleaning Up

Once you’ve trimmed all those hedges and shrubs, you’re going to be left with piles of leaves that need to be cleaned up. Keep your leaf blower in great shape with a tune-up, and you can easily blow the leaves into a pile to be raked up.

Maintaining your shrubs doesn’t have to be a painful or intensive process. Just keep them trimmed and appropriately watered and you’ll be fielding compliments from the neighbors in no time! Ralph Helm, Inc. Lawn Equipment Center can provide you with the battery testing, maintenance and replacement parts that you need to keep your lawn equipment running smoothly and your yard looking good. Come by one of our Illinois locations today to learn more!

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