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Toro TimeCutter SSThe arrival of warmer spring weather means that many homeowners and commercial landscapers are on the hunt for a great riding mower, and Toro’s TimeCutter SS series is likely the best fit. In addition to its compact size and powerful Kawasaki engine, customers who take advantage of an early spring deal can enjoy a discount of $100 off Toro’s suggested retail pricing when they buy their new mower from Ralph Helm, Inc. The deal runs through May 31, 2014, and is an excellent way to usher in this year’s landscaping season.

The TimeCutter SS: A Primer for Buyers

The TimeCutter SS was designed from the ground up, as its name suggests, to reduce the time it takes to cut larger lawns or complete a commercial landscaping task. To that end, its key features are mostly concerned with mower speed and efficiency, safety, and maneuverability.

– Smart Speed Technology

For years, power equipment companies across the board have been working to make their mowers faster when traveling forward and in reverse, but this has sometimes come at the expense of operator safety or mowing accuracy. With Toro’s Smart Speed feature, that compromise is quickly becoming a thing of the past. If the system detects lawn obstacles or other challenges that might throw the mower off or reduce cutting accuracy, speed is adjusted so that the mower can sufficiently tackle that obstacle without incident.

- Automatic Parking Brake

Unlike many competing mowers, which require the operator to engage the parking break on their own, the TimeCutter SS will automatically utilize the parking brake as soon as the steering bars are pushed outward. That means there’s no more surprise movement from the mower, and a far lesser risk of injury overall.

- Powerful Zero-Turn Operation

Toro’s TimeCutter SS series of riding mowers is powered by Kawasaki and Kohler engines, which both rank as some of the most powerful and efficient currently on the market. Its zero-turn functionality means that it gets the job done more professionally, with better results than models that require wide turns and awkward patterns on the grass.

A Wide Target Audience for the TimeCutter SS Riding Mower

Toro typically markets the TimeCutter SS mower series as the perfect option for consumers who have at least a moderate-sized lawn, though it’s definitely more suited to those with particularly large open areas surrounding the home. With a mower deck that measures a whopping 42 inches, it’s quite a bit bigger than the typical residential riding mower and significantly more sizeable than the average walk behind model.

For commercial landscapers, this mower is certainly not out of the question. While it’s arguably on the high-end of consumer mowers, it represents the affordable and compact entry-level segment for those in commercial enterprises. The mower’s Kawasaki and Kohler engines will feel right at home in commercial environments, while Toro’s legendary line of accessories and OEM parts will make routine use and regular maintenance a breeze in most cases.

Get $100 Off a 42-Inch Toro TimeCutter Riding Mower at Ralph Helm, Inc.

From now until May 31, 2014, those who purchase a new TimeCutter SS will get $100 off their purchase price during checkout. All that’s needed is coupon code: 1401, for instant savings on this powerful piece of equipment for both residential and commercial buyers.

Those who are considering the Toro SS in Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL, should be sure to get in touch with RalphHelmInc.com. The company is a leading local vendor for Toro and has a full lineup of TimeCutter mowers and OEM parts for buyers at both ends of the spectrum.

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