Ralph Helm Toro 8000 Series Direct Collect Promotion

RH_800 Series DCToro is kicking off the spring season with some of its best discounts of the year on its lawn mowers, including those for both commercial and residential use. One of the most heavily discounted products in the company’s lineup this spring is its 8000-series Direct Collect riding mower system. The mower was designed from the start to be one of the few models on the market that leaves behind no trace of mowing having been completed, fully collecting all grass clippings and storing them away for disposal at a later time. Its intended use is commercial, and its intended audience has been responding with high levels of demand in recent years.

Why Choose the Direct Collect Mower System?

There’s perhaps nothing worse than setting foot on a freshly mowed lawn during the summer when grass clippings haven’t been removed from the premises. Dew on the lawn, or rain from a recent thunderstorm, makes these clippings stick to virtually every surface. From sidewalks and cars to shoes and bare feet, it’s a mess that most people go out of their way to avoid. The Direct Collect system extends the usefulness of residential bag mowers, and ensures that virtually every trimmed blade of grass is kept contained in the equipment until disposal at a later time.

- Available in Two Different Sizes

Like most commercially targeted mowers, the Toro 8000 Direct Collect riding mower is available at the low-end with a deck measuring 42 inches. That works for most smaller commercial enterprises and even some larger residential uses, but it’s not enough for operators handling even wider terrain. That’s why the company offers a 48-inch model that can be paired with one two very powerful, Kohler engines.

- Use of Commercial-Grade Engines

Toro doesn’t mess around when it comes to horsepower, and that’s pretty apparent in its choice of engines. All three of its 8000-series Direct Collect riding mowers are equipped with a commercial-grade Kohler Command Pro engine that is designed to operate with greater efficiency while producing enough horsepower to tow around not only the equipment’s rated weight, but also the heft of stored lawn clippings in the attached container.

– Maximum Storage, Minimal Downtime

The mower’s maintenance is easier thanks to easily accessible panels, while its ability to be used for long periods of time is maximized by the inclusion of a 7.5-gallon fuel tank. Furthermore, the deck paired with the Direct Collect system chops grass into exceedingly fine pieces so that clipping storage can be maximized and mowing interruptions can be virtually eliminated.

A Mower for the Clipping-Conscious Commercial Buyer

Though the 42-inch size of the entry-level model might appeal to homeowners with larger lawns and a distaste for clippings strewn about the lawn, this model is more specifically designed for the commercial buyer. That’s why it features the commercial Kohler Command Pro engine, for instance. It’s also why the equipment is designed for extensive periods of use, with a vibration-reducing operator seat that’s second to none.

The company’s two 48-inch models are differentiated solely by the engine included with the equipment, with the higher-end of the two being a better choice for commercial customers who handle steep inclines and more challenging terrain. The lower-end 48-inch model is perfect for more routine mowing in flatter, less challenging environments.

Take Advantage of a Limited Time Offer on Direct Collect Mowers

Using promotional code 1401, customers currently in the market for a mower that holds onto clippings will enjoy a discount of $1,000 on their purchase. That’s easily the best deal of the season. Customers who live in the Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL, areas can trust Ralph Helm, Inc. to provide them with the mowers and promotional offers they need to make a sound purchase early this spring season. The company is also an excellent destination for mower parts and accessories all year long.

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