Ralph Helm Toro FWD High Wheel Promotion

51044020371-High-Wheelwpm_20371_right.jpgFew things compare to the utility and convenience of a walk behind mower for today’s homeowners, and Toro’s mowers have long been a top choice among those who value power, efficiency, and the ability to withstand even more challenging terrain around the home. This spring season, Toro is also looking to reward its buyers with a significant discount off the purchase price of its residential, walk behind mowers. Between now and the end of May, the company is offering new buyers of its High Wheel Walk Mower, with front wheel drive, a discount of $20 at the time of purchase. This means there’s never been a better time to check out the great features of this fine-tuned residential model.

Features Designed to Make Home Lawn Maintenance Quite a Bit Easier

The High Wheel Walk mower is one of Toro’s best models for residential buyers, since it leverages the power of a higher wheel in the real that is adept at handling obstructions, uneven terrain, and unexpected obstacles. Unlike many competing mowers, which feature the same wheel size in both the front and back, this mower packs a set of 11-inch rear wheels that increase maneuverability and deftly handle lawn obstructions, debris, inclines, and bumps. Other key features include:

– Three convenient ways of handling debris, with homeowners able to choose between mulching, bagging, and side discharge. By default, mulching is the option of choice here. Homeowners can add a bag or rubber side discharge to change how the mower works in daily operation.

– An efficient Kohler OHV engine that comes with an “Auto Choke” feature. This engine effectively makes the days of engine priming bulbs a thing of the past, and it means homeowners will be able to start the mower far more easily and with fewer pulls than with older models.

– Self-propulsion, which can work at varying speeds based on terrain and operator preference, makes it far easier to tackle even the largest lawns. Smaller wheels in the front make this feature as efficient and speedy as possible.

– The Toro “washout port,” located on top of the mower deck, makes it really easy to clean old grass clippings and dirt away from the mower and its blades. The port connects rather easily to a garden hose, which then uses high-pressure operation to remove any buildup that has occurred during one or more mower outings.

A Look at the Ideal Customer for the Toro High Wheel Walk Mower

Toro’s high wheel walk behind mower isn’t for everyone, but it certainly carries board appeal that will work in many residential environments. First and foremost, this mower features a 22-inch deck that, while sufficient for most smaller and medium-sized lawns, might not be the best for commercial use or for larger areas of turf around the home. For this reason, the equipment is recommended in residential settings where the mowing area is limited and easy to handle.

Its high wheel design, however, makes the mower attractive even in areas that present unique challenges. Steep inclines, uneven ground, and multiple lawn obstacles are easier to handle with the 11-inch rear wheels. Customers who have long struggled with mowers that have no variation in wheel size will be impressed by how easy it is to mow with this often overlooked feature included.

Get a Great Deal on the Toro High Wheel Mower for a Limited Time

Toro’s goal is to make sure that every homeowner has the mower they need at the price they require before spring gets into full swing. That’s why the company’s $20 discount on the purchase price of a new front-wheel drive High Wheel Walk Mower runs between now and May 31, 2014. Customers can simply use promotional code 1401 to get the full discount on a new model.

Those customers in the Elgin and Crustal Lake, IL, areas will want to make sure they complete their purchase at Ralph Helm, Inc. With a full inventory of new Toro mowers, OEM parts, and great accessories, this is the best way to establish a rewarding, long-term relationship with a new mower purchase.

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