Ralph Helm Toro Hydro WAM Lawnmower Promotion

510440Floating-Deck-Hydro-Drive-Mowerlce_md_30489_r_co1112.jpgAs winter weather retreats and lawns once again begin growing at a breakneck pace, many landscapers and homeowners are on the hunt for a great new mower. Toro’s Hydro WAM lawn mower is likely a great fit for this with a large amount of land to maintain as the weather warms up, and an exclusive discount will help make this particular model even more affordable as warmer days and nights become the norm. This spring, Toro is offering a discount of $500 off of its floating deck Hydro mowers, with a promotion that runs from now until the end of May. That gives potential mower buyers plenty of time to learn about the mower’s features, compare it with other options currently on the market, and make the best possible purchase for their long-term lawn care or business needs.

Overview of the Toro Hydro WAM Lawn Mower

When most people think of walk behind lawn mowers, they probably think of the highly compact models that are sold to the average homeowners. While those are certainly the most prolific types currently on the market, they’re certainly not the only ones capable of getting the job done. In fact, Toro’s lineup of mid-sized models is perfect for those with larger lawns or a fledgling landscaping business where covering more terrain is often a high priority. The company’s Hydro WAM mower is one of the most impressive midsize models, with features that will produce professional results without added effort from the operator. Consider its top features:

1. Floating Mower Deck

A floating mower deck is perhaps the best way to ensure that an uneven lawn doesn’t have to suffer from an uneven cut when the grass is trimmed throughout the summer. Instead of being firmly attached to the mower without mobility, the floating deck can actually adjust side-to-side, or front-to-back, at a moment’s notice. It actively responds to the grade and smoothness of the lawn, producing an accurate cut that highlights the lawn’s features without unevenness and distracting inaccuracies.

2. Commercial-Grade Engines

The Hydro walk behind mowers are most often used by those in a commercial landscaping capacity, so it makes sense that Toro would pair them with commercial-grade Kawasaki engines. These engines are the best possible mix of engine power and fuel efficiency, ensuring that even larger mowing jobs can be completed with minimal expenses and without pausing to refuel the equipment.

3. Tough Decks and Construction

Deck assemblies with this model are exceedingly strong, with bull-nose wheels that keep damage from obstructions and debris to a minimum. As a result, this model will likely require less emergency maintenance and repairs than the typical, smaller walk behind model sold to homeowners.

Toro Targets Light Commercial Work with the Hydro

The Hydro mower could certainly be used by homeowners with large lawns and a desire to maintain that area with a midsize walk behind mower, but that’s not the demographic targeted by the Hydro. Instead, Toro is interested in accommodating professional landscapers looking for a light, efficient walk behind model that will produce excellent results for their professional staff. This mower’s compact size and lighter weight makes it easy to load and transport, while its efficient use of fuel and larger fuel tank ensure that it can get even larger mowing jobs done without refueling.

The Best Deal of the Season is Available at Ralph Helm, Inc.

As a trusted retailer of Toro mowers and parts, Ralph Helm, Inc. is proud to offer the best deal of the season on the Hydro walk behind model. Customers can enjoy a significant, $500 discount on this powerful model between now and May 31, 2014, using coupon code “1401” as the complete their purchase.

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