Ralph Helm Toro Time Cutter MX Promotion

Toro TimeCutter MXWhen it comes to getting any lawn mowing job quickly and easily, few riding mowers compare to the efficiency and technology of the Toro TimeCutter MX series. Thanks to its numerous mower deck sizes and engine, this efficient riding mower is easily the best choice for both professional landscaping companies and those homeowners who maintain a large outdoor area. This spring, Toro is sweetening the deal and making this efficient mower even more attractive to new buyers with a discount of $200 on TimeCutter MX mower models at the time of purchase. This is a great incentive to get started with mower shopping early in the spring season, since it allows homeowners and commercial buyers to maximize the mower’s value and their return on an initial investment.

An Excellent Tool for Efficient and Professional Lawn Maintenance

The TimeCutter MX series was primarily designed with the commercial operator in mind, and that can certainly be seen in the unique features that the equipment brings to market. Operator comfort and equipment efficiency are the main focal points with this model, resulting in some pretty great improvements for those in the market for new equipment:

1. The TimeCutter MX series significantly reduces operator fatigue by offering an extra-tall, 18-inch operator seat. Designed to absorb vibrations from the mower’s powerful engine rather than transmit them to the operator over the course of their mowing, the seat makes extended work far easier. The seat’s unique size, design, and suspension are paired with a vibration-absorbing floor mat that will further enhance mower comfort during extended periods.

2. Two mower deck sizes are available. At the lower end of the spectrum, customers looking for a compact residential model will appreciate the 42-inch TimeCutter MX deck. Another option also exists, though this one is better for commercial buyers: Toro’s high-end TimeCutter comes with a sizable 50-inch deck that’s easily the best fit for athletic fields, larger lawns, and commercial spaces.

3. Toro’s Smart Speed feature allows the mower to utilize the best speed for the type of lawn being mowed and the number of obstructions being worked around. The mower can be set to a consistently high speed for open, expansive areas. The speed can also be adjusted far lower to make mowing easier around trees, landscaping features, and other obstacles.

4. The mower deck can be easily lowered or raised based on the type of cut being sought. A lower deck position will create a very close, turf-style appearance that’s decidedly professional. For those who prefer a more natural look, the mower can cut grass to a longer but consistent length of up to several inches.

A Mower that Bridges the Commercial-Residential Divide

All too often, mowers are sold as either exclusively commercial or designed only for residential use around a smaller are. That’s not the case with the TimeCutter MX. Toro targets both types of customers with varying deck sizes, a compact footprint, and a lightweight heft that makes this equipment as easy to store in a home garage as it is to load into a landscaping trailer.

When purchasing this equipment, customers should simply make sure that they choose the deck size most appropriate for their needs. Most residential buyers will want to err on the side of a small deck, while commercial customers will appreciate the faster work done by the 50-inch alternative.

Get a Great Deal on TimeCutter MX Mowers at Ralph Helm, Inc.

Toro is committed to value across all of its commercial and residential mowers, including the TimeCutter MX series. For those customers who are in pursuit of a great new mower for the upcoming landscaping season, the current offer of up to $200 off the TimeCutter’s purchase price lasts through May 31, 2014. Customers in Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL, can find the best combination of seasonal discounts, service, and OEM replacement parts locally at Ralph Helm, Inc. Mention promotional code 1401 and enjoy RalphHelmInc.com‘s commitment to new mowers, ongoing maintenance, and more.

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