Signs That it is Time to Replace Your old Lawn Mower

If you have owned a lawn mower for a good number of years, you’ve likely wondered whether it is time to upgrade to a new model. According to Consumer Reports, it is prudent to replace broken appliances and machines, including lawn mowers, if they are more than 3 years old and an extensive repair is required. The typical lawn mower warranty will not cover mechanical failures once the machine reaches 3 years of age. In general, you should get between 7 and 10 years out of your mower. Let’s take a look at a few telltale signs that the time has come to replace the old lawn mower.

While belts, pull cords and broken cables can all be easily replaced, some lawn mower problems like mechanical issues will require a complete replacement. Of critical importance is the engine’s performance. If there is any engine damage, it will likely be fairly expensive to repair. Oftentimes, these exorbitant costs will amount to a sizable portion of the money required to purchase a new lawn mower. For example, a riding mower’s blown engine sometimes costs around $1,000 to repair. That is about half the cost of a brand new riding mower. Other examples of internal lawn mower damage that typically cost more to repair than a brand new lawn mower include broken pistons and broken rods.

If your lawn mower’s blade strikes a hard object like a rock or tree stump, crankshaft damage can result. When this occurs, the lawn mower might stop and not restart as the shaft that connects the engine to the blades is bent. Most lawn mower owners opt to purchase a brand new machine in this scenario as the cost to fix the problem is considerable. Riding mowers that require transmission repairs will set you back a solid $400 to $500. If you own an older mower and the transmission goes, the best move is to make the transition to a new lawn mower.

In order to prevent your lawn mower from breaking down, it is imperative that you perform routine maintenance. Small measures of care will really add up in the long run and ensure that your mower runs in optimal condition for as long as possible. So be sure to sharpen the blades and change the spark plug and oil filter once per year to preserve your mower’s integrity.

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