Sod Cutter Does More Than Just Cut Sod

A sod cutter is a manual or motorized tool traditionally used by grounds maintenance professionals and landscapers to remove or repair sections of turf or to put a crisp edge on a lawn or flower bed. It’s a highly useful piece of lawn equipment that saves time and labor and has multiple uses.

2008 Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter

Sod cutters are also a favorite tool of construction contractors, greens keepers, and parks and recreation crews wherever a precise cut is needed on a turf-related project.

Patio and Walkway Construction

Hand-digging an area for a patio or walkway is labor-intensive and time consuming. A motorized sod cutter makes precise cuts along marked lines and efficiently removes sod to a specific depth. This readies the space for installation of construction materials and pavers. Using a sod cutter also helps the operator from damaging an existing lawn.

Tee Box Maintenance

A greens keeper is responsible for maintaining the entire golf course, including fairways, tees and the surrounding landscape. This includes the important job of precisely leveling the tee boxes, which is smoothly accomplished using a sod cutter.

Athletic Field Maintenance and Marking

Hours of work go into keeping an athletic field ready for action. Parks and recreation crews use sod cutters to maintain clean edges along baselines, pitcher’s mounds and end zones and to replace worn patches of turf.

A sod cutter is also used to etch clean lines by removing turf within stenciled letters and emblems so that paint can be applied directly to topsoil. This method lasts much longer than just spray painting on top of the grass.

The nature of your project and frequency of use determines which type of cutter you need. Models range from simple hand tools to powerful motorized machines. We can help you select the right one for your job. See us for more information on these tools or any of our lawn equipment and parts.

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