Spiffy Up Your Yard with Our End-of-Summer Maintenance Tasks

Spiffy Up Your Yard with Our End-of-Summer Maintenance Tasks

Summertime is fun time, and no one wants to spend their beautiful, long afternoons slaving away in the yard! However, when summer starts melting into fall, maintenance tasks are suddenly calling your name. Quickly and easily take back control of your wild yard with our end-of-summer maintenance checklist.

Clean and Protect Your Deck

Falling leaves and fruit from the previous year can have a real impact on your deck, and don’t even get us started on the summer sun! Get your deck back in order by checking for loose fittings and joints and checking the overall stability of your deck. Deck furniture scooting across the surface can negatively impact your finish, so see if you need to add a fresh layer of sealant to protect your deck before the harsh winter months.

Strip that Old Weather Stripping

Check around all your doors and windows, pulling off old or cracked weather stripping and replacing it with fresh, new sealant. If you love having bugs in your home or particularly enjoy an energy-stealing draft, give this step a pass. Or not.

Clean and Inspect Windows

Windows are one of the main places in your home that you’ll lose energy in the winter, so you want to be particularly careful that your windows are cool weather ready. Whether you’re inspecting windows yourself or asking a professional for their advice, it’s always in your best interests to keep your windows well-insulated.

Service Your Tools

Keeping your yard in picture-perfect condition is an unattainable goal unless you have the right tools for the job. Get ready to kick off cleanup season by servicing your leaf blowers, lawn mower or getting your chainsaw serviced. Ralph Helm, Inc. Lawn Equipment Center offers you the services that you need to make your yard work and┬álife easier. Looking for new equipment and parts? We’ve got you covered there as well! Check out our Factory Promotions┬átoday to get the best options for your yard.

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