STIHL BGA85 Blower Review

Stihl BlowerFew things are more cumbersome than cords and gas engines when it’s time to clear fall foliage away from the lawn, the gutters, or elsewhere. Many homeowners have invested a great deal of time in finding ways to overcome these hurdles, using their blowers in ways that don’t necessarily leverage their full amount of power and velocity.

With the STIHL BGA85 blower, however, those compromises don’t have to be made at all. The company has created a blower that uses lithium-ion battery technology. This type of battery is the same one that can be found in laptops, tablets, and smartphones currently on the market, and it comes with decades of development that ensure longer charges and shorter recharging times.

Features of STIHL’s BGA85 Blower

The most important feature of this leaf blower is that it comes ready for a lithium-ion power source, able to fit one of several STIHL batteries at varying power levels. Customers can purchase the battery that they feel best corresponds to both their budget and their real world use of the equipment. For those with smaller lawns, a smaller battery is both more affordable and more practical. Where larger areas are concerned, STIHL’s family of batteries will provide plenty of upgrades that increase only slightly in size, but dramatically increase the amount of power the battery can store and how long the blower can go between recharging periods.

Of course, the battery alone isn’t the only feature of this powerful STIHL blower. The company has also worked on fast recharging times, often within one or several hours, and has used years of development to ensure that the blower is as “green” as possible. To that end, the STIHL blower produces virtually no emissions and is far less of en environmental hazard than standard corded, electric blowers, or gasoline-powered options currently on the market.

One thing that might be worth noting is that the batteries used to power the BHA85 blower, as part of the company’s KombiSystem, are also compatible with other STIHL lithium-ion products already on the market. Batteries purchased for use with the blower can be swapped out and used in any of the company’s available chainsaws or trimmers with a compatible battery slot.

A Look at the BGA85’s Specs

The first thing that most buyers will want to know is the velocity rating offered by the BGA85. After all, this measurement determines how far the blower’s gusts will reach and how quickly the lawn will be fully cleared of foliage. The BGA85 is pretty impressive in this area, offering 102 miles per hour of velocity during regular operation. That promises to make even larger tasks a bit quicker, and it’s an impressive number for a blower that is powered solely by a lithium-ion battery.

The equipment is appropriately light, coming in at just 7 pounds without a battery inserted. With the entry-level AP160 battery put into place, the equipment comes out to just about 10.8 pounds of total weight. That’s on par with similar models, and it compares favorable to gasoline-powered or corded blowers already on the market. It should be noted, of course, that larger and more powerful batteries do weigh a bit more and thus will cause the equipment to get heavier as the amount of stored power increases.

With the entry-level AP160 battery, the BHA85 blower can be used for 20 minutes before a charge is required. This is perfect for smaller lawns, but those with larger areas to cover will probably want to consider pairing the equipment with a slightly larger or more powerful battery. Charge capacities only increase beyond the AP160, with the blower able to last well over an hour with higher-end lithium-ion technology in place.

Plenty of Accessories Available for the BGA85

In addition to some great standard features, including high velocity and a wide array of available batteries, the BGA85 blower can be extended with some unique STIHL accessories. Perhaps the two most exciting of these are the vacuum conversion kit and the gutter kit. The vacuum kit actually inverts the blower’s operation, allowing it to permanently remove leaves from circulation and pass them through to a vacuum bag for easy disposal. An available gutter kit makes it easy to get the blower’s velocity into gutters, effectively removing leaves and other debris in a few moments’ time.

Other options, like a hip belt and operator gloves, add a bit of extra comfort to extended use of the blower and they make it easier to tackle large lawns or challenging terrain with less overall fatigue. All accessories are OEM parts, made by STIHL, and are therefore among the highest-quality ways to get more out of the equipment.

Where to Find STIHL Blowers or Parts in the Crystal Lake or Elgin, IL area has a great lineup of blowers, including the BGA85. Customers will also be able to find a wide range of accessories and OEM replacement parts, making it easy to extend and maintain the blower for years to come.

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