STIHL BR 200 Review

Since 1926, STIHL has been producing some of the most powerful blowers in the industry. They are designed to save the homeowner time and energy, while providing a product that is reliable and efficient. The newest product to join the line is the STIHL BR 200 backpack blower.

The STIHL BR 200 is a lightweight backpack blower designed for homeowners with larger properties where a handheld blower is insufficient for the big cleanups. For large homes where leaves and grass cuttings pile up quickly and raking, sweeping and bagging are major chores, this is the perfect tool. It is the ideal blower for the homeowner seeking professional results at an affordable price. It quickly and efficiently helps to clear grass clippings, leaves and other rubbish from the yard. It is easy to use so that even the average Joe using it for the first time can achieve professional results.

The BR 200 is sufficiently powerful to wrestle any job and take care of all occasional blowing needs without having to break one’s back. It is built with a lightweight anti-vibrating system that helps to minimize operator fatigue. The engine design is also innovative in that it is fuel efficient, thus lowering costs, while providing a large enough tank so that the run-time is long. The run-time with a single tank full is comparable to the handheld blowers.

The blower is loaded with many user-friendly features. Here are some examples. The start-up procedure is very easy, even for a novice – just fuel up and purge, then choke and pull the throttle. The throttle is mounted on a tube making it easy to use even with a single hand. The purge pump primer allows priming without flooding the carburetor. A two ringed piston gives the blower a longer life. The adjustable nozzle is ideal when it comes to cleaning stairs or there is a need to operate the unit at a different elevation. The spark plug is protected, but easily accessible when the time for changing comes. The air filter can be removed easily without having to use any tools for quick filter cleanup or replacement. The protected spark arrestor muffler comes with large baffles that help to lower sound and come with a screen especially constructed to reduce spark emissions.

The housings of the STIHL BR 200 are made from a high-tech polymer that is lightweight and has the ability to withstand impacts of greater force. They are also corrosion-resistant. There is even a helper handle for additional air-guided air direction control and vacuum use. Every possible convenience is packed into the new and powerful BR 200.

The tank of the STIHL BR 200 is translucent, allowing for easy fuel checking before work is started and it is upright, which makes filling easy. Additionally, the tank is protected to help prevent damage, as is the choke knob. A foot pad adds stability when the blower is started. The straps are adjustable with dual adjustments so they can be worn with comfort and come with the stylish STIHL logo on the harness. The blower tube is adjustable, so the operator can select a length that is most suitable for him. The new nozzle comes with a greater wear area. The joystick-like handle has throttle control which includes a stop/run switch that almost eliminates chances of accidental shutoff.

STIHL backpack blowers are versatile and can be adapted to handle many different jobs around the house by simply using the required accessories. The multi-purpose sprayer is perfect for numerous applications in the house or around the yard. The piston pump almost eliminates repeat pumping and is virtually without any problems. The vacuum kit converts the blower into a vacuum with a bag that is easy to attach and remove; the bag also has a zipper at the bottom for quick and efficient emptying. The gutter cleaner extension allows for quick and easy cleaning of gutters without having to climb any ladders. There is even an attachment that allows the measured applications of dry fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides in gardens and lawns.

All in all, the STIHL BR 200 backpack blower is quiet, portable, dependable, and comfortable to use even when carrying out the most demanding jobs. It is a sturdy blower that is well worth the investment as it will provide many years of use.

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  1. Chris says:

    The pipe extensions on mine kept falling off every 5 mins during normal use! Kind of a b*ch when using it blowing debris off my roof.

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