STIHL BR 600 Magnum Backpack Blower Review

Yard work is hard labor. Keeping those greens clean and green is definitely a tough task for anyone and takes countless man hours to maintain no matter how big or small the yard, field or lawn. Luckily, there’s one brand that you can count on to help you out during all those backbreaking hours outside: STIHL. STIHL takes a load off of a lot of the hard work involved in outdoor work. One of the most trusted brands in outdoor power equipment, STIHL has been in business since 1926 when Andreas STIHL founded the company. Since then, STIHL has grown to be the number one selling brand of chainsaws and is a market innovator in outdoor power equipment. STIHL’s expertise in creating a quality chainsaw has spread to other products as well, employing the same principles of development to achieve performance and durability that is unmatched. One of those products is the BR 600 Magnum Backpack Blower.

The BR 600 Magnum Backpack Blower is a STIHL product that simply blows the competition away. The BR 600 is powerful, durable and efficient. More importantly in a world where oil prices are only rising, the STIHL BR 600 is economical.


One of the main advantages of the STIHL BR 600 Magnum Backpack Blower is its impressive power to weight ratio. This 21.6 pound blower pumps out an amazing 4 brake horsepower, an achievement in itself for blowers in the same weight class. The engine of the BR 600 ha also been improved, allowing the engine to be more durable and achieve longer life compared to regular STIHL engines. Considering STIHL engines are already known for their durability, this is saying a lot about the new engine in the BR 600.


The engine is not the only thing that’s been ramped up to stand up to wear and tear. The nozzle of this backpack blower has been specially designed with an extended wear area to prolong the lifespan of the equipment. The harness of the backpack has also been reinforced. The nylon made harness is sturdy and is specially designed for high wear resistance.


STIHL’s BR 600 Magnum Backpack blower also features easy to adjust blower tubes. This versatility in the blower tubes comes in handy when the blower is needed for different jobs.


Aside from the additional features STIHL has packed into the BR 600, this useful blower also includes the impressive standard features in every STIHL blower.


All STIHL backpack blowers are built on a padded polymer frame with dual position adjustable straps and a foot pad for smooth and consistent starts. Blowers also have an upright translucent fuel tank so that you can check if the fuel tank needs replacement and do so without a hassle. The BR 600, along with the other backpack blowers from STIHL, is joystick powered so that control is in the palm of your hand. A stop switch is placed to reduce the risk of accidental shutoff.


All of the backpack blowers’ parts are made for durability. This comes standard with all backpack blowers and all STIHL products for that matter. For example, a protected choke knob helps prevent damage along with a protected spark plug and a protected throttle trigger. The design of the blower itself is clean to avoid snagging of branches or other things to the blower. The blowers also have a heavy duty crankshaft for durability and long life cylinders to give maximum wear life, better cooling and lubrication and better performance from the engine.


Durability is just one aspect of STIHL. Comfort is also a concern and STIHL recognizes this by placing several features that make work for the operator less laborious. For example, an anti-vibration system helps reduce fatigue. Less vibration means less work for the operator. Ignition of the blowers are also electronic so that starts are easier and smoother running.


From these standard features alone, it’s obvious to see why STIHL is the number one choice. It’s because they build for durability, performance and comfort for a machine that works just as hard as you do out on the field.


The BR 600 actually goes beyond that and quite possibly works harder than any blower out there by raising the bar for backpack blower in the market. The BR 600 runs at a fuel efficiency standard to STIHL. This standard means a 28% more efficient fuel consumption than other competitors tested. The BR 600 Magnum aside from its fuel efficient rating is one of the cleanest running backpack blowers in its class. This impressive backpack runs with emissions 60% cleaner than the required EPA standards. This combined with the fuel efficiency rating of STIHL makes the BR 600 quite possibly the greenest backpack blower available in its class.

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3 Responses to STIHL BR 600 Magnum Backpack Blower Review

  1. Brent Burdick says:

    I bought a BR600 in January 2009 and it locked up in February 2011. Dealer said something about a valve problem. 1 month out of warranty. Bought another in February 2011 and it locked up in December 2013. Same problem valve. It does save time blowing different tings off but does not last.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Brent. Thanks for your comment and feedback. STIHL has been taking care of these on a case by case basis. Please contact me directly or STIHL directly for more information. Elgin, IL Location #(847) 695-1616 or Crystal Lake, IL location #(815) 788-1616. Thank you!

      – Ralph Helm

  2. Mark says:

    Hi guys, Brent you are dead on right in my opinion and I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been servicing stihl products as a sideline for years and am now retired and to keep me busy I buy stihl chainsaws and blowers to rebuild and resell. I don’t go near any stihl with a 4Mix engine. First I don’t see any improvement or benefit over the standard 2 cyl engine. Second the 4mix has many weakness’s such as a plastic cam gear. Plastic has no business inside of any engine. The valves need to be adjusted on a regular interval because of wear of the gear (lobe). What also wears is the plastic journal of the gear which can’t be adjusted and should be replaced when valves need adjusting to keep the machine in spec. Third, the engine is what we call a paned engine meaning no crank case. So if you score the cylinder you have to buy a very expensive engine block. This is the same design used (paned engine, not the valves) used on the residential line of saws which are basically throwaways, not their commercial or professional line. Because of this design and unlike a chainsaw which are junked for various reasons other than internal engine issues due to their severe use. Blowers almost always suffer engine failure as their final demise because of type of use and favorable conditions of use compared to saws. Stihl blowers up to the 500 series use a standard 2 cyl engine with a crank case and are much less costly to repair engine issues and much more durable, maintenance friendly, and inexpensive to maintain. If a bearing goes on a 4mix engine the entire crankshaft and rod assy has to be replaced as opposed to just the offending bearing as is the case with the standard 2cyl at a price so costly that it prohibits the repair. And lastly why would you want more moving parts in an engine? This is why these engines operate at about half the rpm 6,000 to 7,200 opposed to the 11,000 to 15,000 of the standard 2 cyl. engines. Again this is my opinion from years of servicing these products and others of just about anything you could imagine including automotive, industrial generators, 600 ton chiller compressors and mtrs. etc.

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