STIHL HSA85 Hedge Trimmer Review

HSA 85 zoom.jpgSTIHL has long been committed to the plight of homeowners who wish to do their regular landscaping without the burden of cords, gasoline engines, or a bit too much noise. To that end, the company has developed a full line of hedge trimmers that rely on lithium-ion battery technology, which is the exact same technology used to power today’s high-tech devices. With plenty of research and innovative design, trimmers like the HSA85 are able to handle virtually any task that a more traditional trimmer might need to finish. They’ll do it with less noise, more convenience, and more mobility, than virtually any traditional hedge trimmer currently on the market.

Why Choose the HSA85? A Look at the Trimmer’s Features

Of the two lithium-ion hedge trimmers currently sold by STIHL to interested homeowners, the HSA85 is considered the more powerful option. There are several reasons for this, each of which makes the trimmer a hard bargain to resist for homeowners with large hedges or very large areas to handle and trim on a regular basis.

Perhaps the most important feature of the HSA85 is that the equipment can actually support two batteries, and comes with dual AP80 batteries that can provide up to 45 minutes of mobility on a single charge. These entry-level batteries are just the beginning, however. As part of its commitment to better customer convenience, STIHL has created a universal lithium-ion battery system that allows buyers to upgrade their battery’s stored capacity if they need the trimmer to last for a longer period of time. This means upgraded batteries, like the AP160, can allow the trimmer to nearly double its period of use between charges.

Multiple battery options are paired with the ability to buy different chargers based on how fast those batteries will need to be recharged from near-empty to full capacity. Available AL100 and AL300 chargers allow hedge trimmer buyers to buy the model that fits their budget and powers their equipment within the necessary timeframe.

The HSA85 comes with a double bar trimming system that allows it to be used far more quickly and more effectively than competing models that offer just a single cutting bar. Both cutting bars come with a double-sided tooth design, making the equipment very versatile while reducing noise, landscaping time, and other downsides that affect more traditional hedge trimmers already on the market. Of course, these cutting bars aren’t the only way that noise is reduced. The use of battery technology and an electric motor both help bring down noise levels, which neighbors and nearby pets will all appreciate.

The dual cutting bars found on this model are protected by an including cutting bar guard, which slips over the blades and protects them from accidental wear. Over time, this has the added benefit of reducing maintenance expenses like sharpening and lubricating the equipment.

Breaking it Down: HSA85 Product Specifications

The HSA85 hedge trimmer comes with the longest blade available for a STIHL lithium-ion model, measuring a full 62 inches in length. This makes the trimmer large enough to handle bigger plants and more mature hedges with ease, and actually helps the battery last a bit longer by reducing the number of back-and-forth passes over the same area.

While it’s getting the job done, the HSA85 hedge trimmer is also far quieter than virtually any other trimmer on the market. It currently comes with a decibel rating of just 94. That’s lower than other lithium-ion trimmers and it’s dramatically lower than the noise that would be produced by a corded model or one powered by a noisy gasoline engine. The sound pressure level with this model, which is another key way of measuring the total noise produced during operation, comes out at an even lower rating of 83 decibels. This lower sound vibration level is aided by lower vibration ratings than traditional trimmers, pairing quieter operation with a lower chance of serious operator fatigue during even the longest trimming work.

The AP battery provides just about 76 watts of power, though buyers who opt for the dual battery system will enjoy 152 watts of power and a far longer trimming experience between charges. Upgraded batteries are available for both single and dual use with the HSA85, and will extend the trimmer’s usable life by anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours based on capacity.

Where to Find STIHL Hedge Trimmers or Parts in Crystal Lake or Elgin, IL

Illinois customers who have had enough of inconvenient cords and uncomfortable noise levels can find STIHL’s complete lineup of lithium-ion trimmers at The website offers each trimmer for sale and pairs it with a commitment to OEM replacement parts and STIHL accessories that will add real value and peace of mind to the equipment after purchase. With plenty of available options, it’s a great place to start for more convenient home landscaping.

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