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Stihl_logoFew things instill the kind of fear and dread in homeowners like hearing a click when trying to start a trimmer, a leaf blower, or another key piece of landscaping equipment. That’s because these pieces of equipment have long been characterized by tiring pull cords and complex routines for starting the engine that simply take too long, frustrate too many people, and are too prone to breaking on a regular basis. STIHL is trying to change all that, primarily by offering a growing lineup of products powered by instant-on batteries.

With lithium-ion technology, these products are easier to start, quick to charge, and much easier to maintain over the long-term. The company’s lineup of battery-powered products is growing at a respectable clip, with some excellent models already on the market and making a great impression with consumers.

Why the Features of Lithium-Ion Technology Make Sense for Buyers

Battery technology isn’t new to power equipment, but the use of highly efficient lithium-ion architecture is actually a recent feature in the industry. Historically, the batteries used to power trimmers, blowers, and other pieces of equipment were rather fragile, they drained quickly, and they required a significant amount of time to be charged from empty.

Lithium-ion technology eases most of those concerns. It holds a significantly higher amount of power in each cell, making long periods of work easily possible. Newer batteries also charge very quickly, with many being able to charge from empty to full capacity in just about three hours. Technology responsible for regulating electrical currents and battery discharge further extends the useful life of each battery, maintaining its capacity and reducing the likelihood of overcharging.

A Look at Current STIHL Products with Lithium-Ion Technologies

Lithium-ion batteries are still in the process of making the transition from smartphones and tablets to powerful landscaping equipment, but STIHL has already included the technology in a few trimmers and blowers. For those consumers looking primarily for convenience and an easier way to start their equipment, consider three of the company’s most popular options.

The FSA85 Trimmer

The FSA85 features a 36-volt lithium-ion battery that is designed to enable several hours of trimming work without the need for a time-consuming recharging process. The trimmer benefits from the presence of this battery in more ways than one, however, with STIHL proudly advertising its overall quiet operation. In fact, the trimmer is more than five times quieter than trimmers powered by gasoline engines.

Of course, battery life overall does depend on the battery paired with the trimmer. Currently, consumers buy the trimmer separately from the battery and charger, giving them the opportunity to buy the battery that fits best into their budget and their unique needs outdoors. The smallest available battery can power the equipment for 30 minutes at a time, while the largest battery allows more than 5 hours of continuous work between charges.

The BGA85 Blower

Starting an ordinary leaf blower is no small task, especially for those homeowners who need the flexibility of a cordless model to handle a larger lawn overall. The BGA85 is designed to accommodate those homeowners who need the right combination of power and portability. It provides up to 100 miles per hour of total velocity, making it capable of handling very large outdoor areas with only a few passes. In addition to this impressive amount of velocity, the BHA85 is also completely cordless unless the battery is being charged between uses.

Battery life does vary, once again, based on the specific battery chosen by consumers at the time of purchase. Between 10 and 110 minutes of continuous use between charges can be achieved with this model, making it one of the longest-lasting blowers on the market in an increasingly crowded field of lithium-ion models.

The HSA85 Hedge Trimmer

Beyond the trimmer mentioned earlier, many homeowners typically require the assistance of a hedge trimmer to handle larger bushes and hedges around the home. The HSA85 is STIHL’s commitment to making this process quieter and more efficient, with a model that cuts down overall noise during trimming by as much as 80 percent. The equipment can be paired with any of the company’s high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, offering continuous use that ranges between 45 and 450 minutes between charges.

With cord-free operation and the easiest starting mechanism on the market compared to traditional hedge trimmers, that makes this particular model a sure bet for homeowners who want the benefit of a high-powered device without the significant drawback of waking the neighbors on weekend mornings.

Looking for STIHL Products in Elgin, IL?

For customers in the 60120 and 60121 zip codes around Elgin, Illinois, Ralph Helm Inc. makes it easy to transition to the convenience of lithium-ion technology. The company has been in the power equipment for decades, and offers the right combination of experience and value to make sure that local homeowners can effortlessly trade up to easier landscaping and longer-lasting products no matter their needs.

Whether you need OEM replacement parts or new outdoor power equipment, Ralph Helm Inc is a one stop resource.

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