Summer Lawn Care Tips for a Beautiful Yard

Summer grants fairer weather and longer daylight hours, bringing everyone outdoors and offering the best-growing potential for grass and other garden plants. The season represents an opportunity to enhance front yards so they increase curb appeal and turn backyards into enjoyable play areas for kids. Rely on these tips to increase the beauty and utility of your lawn.

Water Regularly

Because summer excels as the prime growing season, regular hydration is essential to keeping your lawn green and healthy. Cover your grass with at least an inch of water either through manual methods with a hose, automatically through a sprinkler system, or with Mother Nature’s occasional blessings. Water during the early morning hours to give the soil enough time to absorb the liquid before the drying rays of the sun appear.

Mow at the Correct Height

A beautiful lawn does not require short grass. In fact, during the summer, taller grass can shade the soil to prevent weeds from appearing, reduce water consumption, and encourage deeper roots. Adjust the height of your lawn mower, which depends on grass type, and mow just enough so you don’t remove more than a third of the leaf surface at any one time.

Reuse Clippings

If you’ve been throwing your grass clippings into the yard bin to be taken away, you’ve been wasting a useful and free resource. If your mower collects these clippings in a bag, spread them out across the yard after each session. Otherwise, allow the mower to spread the clippings across the grass. These freshly cut blades provide additional shade while adding necessary nutrients.

Watch Out for Your Pets

Your four-legged friends enjoy a good lawn as much as anyone in your family. But cats and dogs are likely to use those expanses of green as impromptu or regular toilets. Pick up any waste as soon as it appears and dispose of it correctly. Brown spots may be due to your pets affecting the grass with their urine. Flood the area with water to dilute the urine in the soil and train your pets to use a pebbled or mulched area for their business.

When you need more information about lawn care or want a professional to take care of your green, please contact Ralph Helm, Inc, so we can help you.

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