Summer Lawn Care Tips

Push MowerWith summer in full swing, many homeowners are focused on creating a perfectly manicured lawn that can compete with anyone else’s efforts along their street. These efforts, though, must be backed up by a number of key lawn care activities. This includes checking for pests and eliminating their presence in the area around the home, as well as frequent watering, fertilizing, and more. To get the perfect lawn that will withstand pests, dry stretches of summer weather, and more, be sure to follow a few key guidelines.

1. Keep the Lawn Watered Throughout the Summer

Mother Nature does a good job of watering the lawn on most summer days, but prolonged dry periods are bound to occur even in the wettest parts of the country. To blunt the effect that these dry periods can have on lawn health and overall appearance, homeowners should be prepared to supplement Mother Nature’s work with a watering schedule of their own. Keep a mental or literal log of rainy days and moisture activity and, when it seems that the lawn hasn’t gotten any moisture in nearly a week, be prepared to step in and fill in the gap.

Most grasses need about an inch of water per week to thrive and look their best, and this should be the target set by most homeowners. Be sure not to underwater the lawn, as this can still lead to brown blades of grass, but also avoid going over an inch of water per week. Excessive watering can do just as much damage to grass as the lack of moisture can.

2. Keep Up with Dethatching

The thatch layer that sometime surrounds the edges of lawns can actually serve as a breeding ground for weeds and pests. Both of these problems can have a negative impact on the lawn all summer long, so regular dethatching should be practiced in order to avoid the pitfalls of pests and pesky weeds.

3. Fertilize Appropriately

Most experts advise against fertilizing the lawn after the summer heat has reached its peak. In fact, the general rule is to fertilize grass only during the cool spring months, or the cool autumn months, that serve as bookends to summer weather. That’s because fertilizing during June, July, or August, could actually burn the grass and cause it to turn brown.

4. Don’t Forget About Regular Mowing

Mowing the lawn might seem like a chore that is primarily dedicated to the length and outward appearance of the grass, but this actually undervalues the number of good things that come from regular mowing. Mowing the lawn can help distribute nutrients and invigorate each blade of grass, helping them enjoy better health for a longer period of time. Clippings themselves can even help supply the ground with more nutrients for grass or other plants around the home.

When mowing grass and improving its appearance, there are a few rules to live by. Homeowners should mow their grass only when it looks like it needs to be cut, rather than sticking to a strict weekly schedule. This will give the grass more time to grow between cutting jobs, making it a bit healthier overall. Another key aspect of mowing is to ensure that the mower is set to the right height for each type of grass. Some types of grass thrive on being cut very short, but others will respond poorly. Check into your grass’ unique requirements and aim to meet them with each use of the mower.

5. Take Control of Weeds

Weeds are unsightly and they can draw nutrients away from grass, putting it at risk of browning or even dying. Homeowners owe it to themselves, and to their lawn, to keep up with weed growth and remove weeds whenever they start to grow. In addition to a large number of weed preventative sprays, many landscaping experts advise homeowners to simply make sure their lawn is as nutrient-rich and lush as possible. A dense lawn can actually prevent weeds from germinating when a seed lands in the lawn, stopping the problem before it even starts.

6. Always Be on the Lookout for Pests

Perhaps the biggest threat facing a lawn’s continued good appearance is the presence of pests. Whether they’re chewing through leaves, killing off the grass around the home, or wreaking havoc on flowerbeds, pests can have a disastrous impact on the health and appearance of a home’s outdoor spaces.

Homeowners should check for evidence pests around the home at least once per week, keeping an eye out for bite marks and other damage that gives away their presence. These pests can be taken care of using a number of organic preventatives and clever planting ideas that ward off everything from bees to borers.

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