Survive Winter With the Help of a Cub Cadet Snow Thrower

Cub Cadet LHPWhispering wind comes out of the north cold and clean but the clouds say snow. After a night of rest, you open the door and are greeted with blinding whiteness covering everything. Don’t be caught off guard; get yourself a Cub Cadet snow thrower and you’ll be clearing your driveway in no time.

Exceptional Value

Consumer Digest, who does extensive studies on consumer products, awarded “Best Buy” ratings to three Cub Cadet premium quality snow throwers — the Cub Cadet single-stage snow thrower, the 1X 221 LHP, and two of the two-stage snow throwers in the 500 series, the 2X 526 SWE, and 2X 528 SWE. This honor is only given to products that have been deemed by Consumer Digest to deliver exceptional value.

Consumers Digest was impressed with the 1X 221 LHP engine, saying it “generates the greatest output of any single-stage gasoline snow thrower in its category, while having the lowest price.” As for the 2X 526 SWE and 2X 528 SWE models, the features that caught the Consumer Digest editor’s eyes were their power steering, upgraded COOL BLUE™ skid shoes and three-year warranty, which exceeds most industry standards.

Perfect for Any Size Job

Cub Cadet wants you to know that choosing the right snow thrower is as easy as 1X, 2X, 3X. The brand’s X Series Snow Thrower offers a powerful line of snow throwers that have been built to quickly and easily clear extreme snow conditions with incredible control, maneuverability and strength.

The 1X single-stage power is best suited for removing up to six inches of snow from smooth, smaller areas. The self-propelled 2X is capable of tackling larger areas on nearly any type of surface and features a steel auger. The 3X represents the top of the line for Cub Cadet’s X Series; it can clear deep snowfall up to 50 percent faster than the 2X and allows you to easily and quickly remove up to 18 inches of snow at a comfortable pace.

Great Features

The snow throwers in Cub Cadet’s X Series offer some great features, including:

  • Push button electric start: Just plug into a standard wall outlet, press the start button and you’re ready to go
  • Remote chute control: A convenient control joystick allows you to change the direction of where you throw snow right from the operator’s station
  • Self-propelled Auger: Your walk-behind your snow thrower will be easy to maneuver with the self-propelled technology
  • Trigger Control Power Steering: With the flick of a switch, you can engage the power steering and take better control over your snow thrower

Get Your Hands on One

Ralph Helm Inc. carries the latest Cub Cadet snow throwers, with multiple models available in each of the X Series categories. Contact us today for more information on how a Cub Cadet snow thrower can help you survive the winter.

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