Tackling Fall and Winter Chores

Keeping up with outdoor chores during the fall and winter months may seem just like an irritating thing to check off of your to-do list, but in reality these types of chores can really affect the safety of your family. The fall and winter months produce a large amount of debris that homeowners must keep removed from the yard in order to provide a safe living environment for their family and for visitors as well. Here are a few outdoor chores that should never be put off.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal, most especially from porches, steps, and walkways, is a very important chore that can affect the safety of your home. When leaves are allowed to sit for long periods of time, they retain moisture. Very quickly, the leaves become very slippery. This can create a dangerous situation for those walking in the area. If you have young children or elderly family members, allowing leaves to become a wet slippery mess could really put them at risk. Remove leaves on a regular basis during the fall months.

Snow Removal

Snow can pose a serious falling risk for people of all ages during the winter months. A serious fall can result in broken bones, time out of work or school, or even more serious head injuries. Making sure that your porches, steps, and walkways are free of snow will help keep your family safer this winter.

The Right Equipment

Having the right equipment can make these types of outdoor jobs not only a little easier, but maybe even enjoyable. Good winter power equipment can be a great addition to your tool shed and, perhaps, turn those irksome chores into a quick and easy job.

Toro Power BroomToro Power Broom is a versatile piece of power equipment that can help you with your fall and winter chores alike. The power broom is very useful at removing debris such as leaves from walkways, as well as brushing snow away during the winter months. Many homeowners also use the power broom to dethatch grass during the summer.

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