The Best Places to Store Your Summer Yard Machines During the Winter

The cold weather has arrived. It is time to take out the snowblower and put all the summer yard machines away for a few months. The question is, where should they be stored? Before you lug them into the basement, garage, attic or other storage space, perform some maintenance to keep their parts in good working condition. Replace the air filters, spark plugs and oil on these machines so they are ready to go once the warmer temperatures come around.

Organization and Storage

Once you have prepared your summer yard machines for a few months of inactivity, it is time to organize them. Group your summer yard tools according to function and type. This will make it much easier to find a specific machine or tool when you eventually need it. Tools of smaller sizes can be stored in drawers or on a shelf. However, it is likely going to be a challenge to find ample space for tools with especially long handles. Place these on hooks/nails along your garage, basement, attic or shed walls to preserve space. Some machines/tools can become warped when exposed to cold temperatures.  Store these sensitive items in the attic or a heated/insulated space where the temperature does not drop too low.

Prevent Rust

Rust can develop on tools and machines that are stored for winter’s duration. Be sure to clean and dry each before putting it into a storage space. Ideally, you will have a heated basement, garage, shed or other space that can protect these tools and machines from the harsh winter elements. Proper air circulation is critical to preserving their integrity. If the space lacks air vents and if you do not want to be bothered to open the windows at various times throughout the winter, put a fan in the room and turn it on from time to time. It is also worth noting that you can spray metal items with rust-preventing paint.

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