The Best Tips and Tools to Start Your Spring Landscaping

Getting outside and feeling that strong sunshine and cool breeze really puts you in the right mood to begin your spring gardening.

The first thing to consider is getting your lawn back in shape. Green shoots are beginning to pop above the soil’s surface, and pretty soon you’ll have a full lawn to mow. For large lawn jobs, the best mower to choose is the zero-turn mower. This type of mower is built to maneuver skillfully around tight corners and other obstacles in your yard. This cuts down on the time homeowners spend around difficult areas, because the zero-turn does all of the work.

STIHL chainsaws are the best for trimming dead limbs from trees. They give a clean cut with little to no sawdust to clean up afterward. The size chainsaw you get should be determined by the amount of work to be done and the size of your trees. A saw with a smaller engine is best for small jobs and requires less energy.

Before you begin your master gardening plan, you should first clean any debris in the yard that will get in your way. Remove any fallen branches. You can use a chipper shredder to break down limbs for mulch instead of burning the branches or setting them out for the garbage tuck.

Second, clean up your tools and check to see that they are operating properly. Check for rust and oil the areas that need it. Drain last year’s gas from generators and any other equipment that uses fuel. Check the blades on power tools to ensure that they aren’t worn out. Check to ensure the pull ropes on lawn mowers aren’t frayed or worn. Change batteries, oil and diesel fuel when necessary. Remove and replace spark plugs when necessary. Getting a regular tune-up for all your equipment is a smart move and saves you time when you want to get started on your garden right away.

Ensuring that your equipment is in working order gives you the edge and incentive you need to get out and recreate your yard. The fun comes in when you can sit back, relax and enjoy your efforts.

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