The STIHL BG 55 Leaf Blower: Powerful Yet Affordable

When it comes to motorized garden and landscaping tools, Stihl has been a brand name equated with quality, reliability and durability. With tools ranging from trimmers to leaf blowers, the Stihl brand has been a solid name in the industry as well as in performance.

The Stihl BG 55 Blower represents one of the best blowers on the market designed for both commercial as well as private homeowner use. With a well-built ergonomic design, easy to reach controls and a lightweight package, Stihl’s Blower sets a standard for leaf blowing design.


The Stihl BG 55 model comes with all the benefits a landscaper or home owner wants in a leaf blower. The unit is packaged tightly with a compact and combined handle, control system, engine and exhaust venting. The tubular blower channel extends comfortably out and doesn’t result in a loss of air pressure. The engine itself is manufactured to produce maximum power with the least amount of fuel used. This makes performance distinctly noticeable and garden work significantly easier to do.

With a 0.9 horsepower engine that only weighs 9 lbs, the BG 55 is easy to handle and maneuver with one hand alone. The gas container can hold up to 13.5 ounces so there’s plenty of room for fuel, lasting more than long enough for multiple uses or landscaping work that takes all day. The air pressure through the nozzle is pushed out at 140 mph, providing plenty of strength to move vegetation, debris and leaves from the ground.

The Stihl BG 55 comes with a purge pump primer, which makes the unit easy to fuel before starting. Done right, the BG 55 will typically start up on the first pull. Over-priming doesn’t happen prior to ignition. Only if the choke is left on will the BG 55 eventually flood and die out.

Use and Application

The BG 55 will work great for both the weekend garden warrior as well as the commercial landscaper cleaning up residential yards. Designed to be durable as well as easy to handle, the Stihl Blower will suit both needs well for years to come. The casing on the BG 55 can take a beating in transport and storage and still protect the components, ensuring reliability of the BG 55 when needed. Of course, good maintenance and care of tools will also help ensure a long-lasting life as well. Make sure to refer to your owner’s manual for proper maintenance tips, before attempting to service the equipment yourself.

Where to Buy?

The Stihl BG 55 is available at any local authorized Stihl dealer along with the wide array of other landscaping tools manufactured by Stihl. With the proper mix of power equipment, mixed with superior performance of the BG 55, the toughest of gardens and backyards can be tamed.

Your local Stihl dealer can also provide the HP Ultra 2-Cycle engine oil which is optimal for the Stihl BG 55. This premium, two-cycle engine oil offers the best protection.

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