Things You Need to Ask Your Dealer Before Purchasing a Tractor

A new lawn tractor could make caring for your property a lot easier and more pleasant, as long as you make the right choice. The wrong purchase may not be able to handle all the work you need done, could require expensive repairs or be inconvenient to use. To ensure that you’re getting the perfect lawn tractor for your situation, ask your dealer a few questions before you make that final decision.

1. What kind of terrain is best for each tractor?
Many riding mowers and lawn tractors perform well on even surfaces and gentle hills, but they may not do as well on difficult terrain. If your property is extremely hilly, rocky or wooded, you may need a model built to handle rough ground and unpredictable surfaces. While you’ll usually need to pay more for one of these tractors, you’ll get better performance, a longer lifespan and more work out of it in the end.

2. What warranties are available?
Any major-brand lawn tractor will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but the specific terms of that warranty can vary a lot. You may also be able to purchase an extended manufacturer’s warranty or an extra warranty from the retailer. These provide additional protection not available in the default warranty and can be an excellent deal for what you pay.

3. What kind of maintenance does the tractor require?
No lawn tractor can run well without routine maintenance, but the amount each model requires can differ significantly. If you don’t have a lot of experience working on your own lawn and garden equipment, you may prefer a tractor designed to make maintenance easy. Don’t be tempted to skip the maintenance, however; that could lead to poor performance and high repair bills down the road.

4. How does a particular model differ from similar tractors?
After a while, the range of available lawn tractors can seem intimidating and confusing. These machines offer many different features meant to make lawn and garden upkeep easier, but ti can be hard to keep track of them all. If you’re seriously considering a particular model, ask your dealer how it compares to similar models from the same manufacturer and to tractors in the same price range from different manufacturers. The dealer can spell things out for you and make your decision much easier.

5. How long has the model been available?
Tractor models that have been on the market for a few years tend to have a proven track record and more readily available parts. Brand new models offer the latest features and improvements, but may be discontinued relatively quickly. If you want to purchase a lawn tractor for the long term, look for a fairly standard model with few special parts and a good record. This allows you to get a reliable machine that will be easy and inexpensive to repair and maintain later on.

6. Who is the tractor designed for?
Many lawn tractors are made for use by relatively large, fit people and can be uncomfortable for women, men with smaller frames, or people with disabilities. If you or anyone who will be using the tractor fits into these categories, look for models that adjust to fit the user and don’t require a lot of strength or physical effort to use correctly. Your lawn tractor should make property maintenance easier, not more difficult.

7. What attachments are available?
Simple models work well enough if all you need to do is mow grass, but many users need more out of their lawn and garden equipment. If you have to perform many different tasks with your lawn tractor, you may benefit from models that can handle extra attachments like carts, baggers, spreaders, snow blades or tillers. This functionality also lets you keep the same tractor even if your responsibilities expand when you purchase more property or change your landscaping.

8. Does the dealer provide post-sale service?
For long-time tractor owners, post-sale service may not be very important, but if this is your first major piece of outdoor equipment, you may have extra questions. A professional, full-service dealer can provide support after your purchase in case of difficulty using the tractor, maintenance and repairs or unexpected problems. In some cases, you may even be able to receive training for operating the tractor and advice on how to get the jobs you need to complete done correctly. If you don’t have a lot of previous tractor experience, make sure you’re comfortable with your dealer’s knowledge, personality and post-sale service.

Asking the right questions about your new lawn tractor can help you find the perfect piece of equipment for your needs and situation. Any reputable equipment dealer should be happy to assist you and find you the information you need to know. Once you get the right tractor, taking care of your property could be a breeze.

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Image Source: The Toro Company

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