Three Great Echo Leaf Blowers

While most people love to look at the beautiful fall leaves as they change color, most do not like the work of cleaning them up after they fall from the trees. Leaf blowers are a common piece of lawn equipment that can make the job much easier. When buying a blower, homeowners want one that can be handled easily while having the ability to emit enough power to do an adequate job.  Echo offers some great leaf blowers that come with a variety of features, making yard work just a little bit easier.

Echo PB-250LN

2014 Echo PB-250LN

For homeowners who are looking for a lighter and quieter leaf blower but still want something with plenty of power, this blower fits the bill. Homeowners will find the 25.4 cc handheld blower starts every time they need it to and requires little maintenance. Even though it is smaller than other models, it still does a great job on big yards.


Echo PB-500H

2014 Echo PB-500HThis 50.8 cc backpack blower with a hip throttle makes even the most tedious and hard-to-do yard work a fairly enjoyable experience. The padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and its variable-speed throttle comes with cruise control. Even though it’s a powerful machine, it doesn’t require a lot of muscle to use.

Echo PB-770T

2014 Echo PB-770TAt 63.3 cc, both homeowners and professional landscapers will love Echo’s most powerful blower. This backpack blower weighs more than 20 pounds but is easy to handle. If you have a two-acre yard with a lot of trees, this blower is a great option. It’s reliable, starts every time, and will last for years to come.


If you are preparing for the fall season and need the best blower on the market, Ralph Helm, Inc., has a variety of Echo blowers from which to choose. Be sure to check out the site for all your lawn equipment needs.

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