Tips and Tricks for Proper Snow and Ice Removal

Tips and Tricks for Proper Snow and Ice Removal

Shovel, plow, snowblow, salt, repeat. It’s a process that’s all too familiar. Did you ever stop to wonder if you’re removing snow and ice as efficiently and effectively as possible? Removing ice and snow properly will make your job a little easier and help ensure that you protect your home and landscaping without damaging your equipment–or breaking your back!

1. Treat Snow Shoveling Like a Workout

You burn upwards of 300 calories per hour on average while shoveling snow, and we’re guessing you can feel it in your shoulders afterward. To help prevent injuries, warm up your muscles a little before you start–just as you would a cardio workout. Make sure you stay hydrated while you’re working, too–just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you don’t need plenty of water.

2. Shovel or Snowblow as Soon as Possible

We know it’s not always possible to clear your sidewalk and driveways the second the snow stops falling. But avoid procrastinating as much as possible, and you’ll save yourself the trouble of trying to remove snow that’s iced over or drifted into more unmanageable mountains of frosty flakes.

3. Choose Your De-Icing Solution Wisely

Though salt is the cheapest and most commonly used de-icer on the market, you might want to consider using sodium chloride, instead. It’s easier on your property, won’t harm your landscaping nearly as much, and it works more effectively and more quickly than salt in lower temperatures. Investing in a spreader, even if it’s just a handheld one, will make the job easier and help make your de-icer last as long as possible.

4. Buy Some Traction Grit

Traction grit doesn’t melt ice, but it provides shoes (or tires!) enough grip to help get out of slippery situations. Traction grit is particularly useful on stone or brick pavers or walkways. Stash a bag in your vehicle, as well; if you get stuck, it might provide that bit of extra grip your tires need to get out.

5. Invest in a Snowthrower

When you have significant amounts of snow to remove, a snowblower can be your best wintertime tool–and quality of life investment. To save your shoulders and back the pain of manual snow removal this year, stop by Ralph Helm to talk to an expert about the best snowblower for you and your property.

Stock up on all your snow and ice removal supplies in one stop at Ralph Helm–preferably before more winter weather hits! And feel free to stop by our blog for more winter landscaping tips that will help keep your outdoors looking great during even the coldest months of the year.

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