Tips To Make Snow Blowing Your Driveway Easy

Tips on Snow Blowing Your Driveway

Snow blowing the driveway isn’t as simple and easy as it looks. If you’ve ever tried to tackle a couple feet of snow after a massive storm, you know that snow blowing can be time consuming and sometimes, a bit dangerous. Below, we provide some important snow blowing safety tips that will help you get rid of that pesky snow in the most efficient manner possible.

Pre-Operation Tips

Before you start up the snow blower you should check a few things. Take a look at the gas tank to make sure it is full of new stabilized fuel. Look at the oil as well to ensure that it is at the proper level. Check out the scraper blade, skid shoes and shear pins to make sure they are in place. As you inspect them, try to determine if their integrity has been compromised. Once you’ve performed a pre-operation inspection, take a look at the driveway and sidewalks. Remove all objects that are in your path. Check out your gloves, jacket and other winter gear to make sure that nothing will be caught in the snow blower. Safety glasses are highly recommended.

Plan Your Snow Removal

Develop a strategy for your snow removal just like you do when you mow the lawn. Plan a snow blowing route so you won’t have to eliminate snow from the same area twice. Figure out exactly where you want to place the discharged snow. Using one side or both sides might be best for your particular situation. Do not blow snow toward vehicles, pedestrians or in the direction of other houses. Snow blowing the white stuff into the street is also looked down upon as it puts passersby in danger. It also forces the snow plow to push the snow right back into the bottom of your driveway.

Starting the Snow Blower

Do not start your snow blower in an enclosed garage that lacks ventilation. Find a well ventilated space to start it so the fumes do not overpower you. Disengage the drive clutch and auger before starting your snow blower.

Operating the Snow Blower

When operating the snow blower, you should use both hands. Do not remove them from the machine while it is in operation. This method of handling helps you access the controls with ease and guide the snow blower in the event that it becomes slippery.

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