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51044020370-Variable-Speedwpm_20370_right.jpgAs winter weather subsides and the spring weather takes its place, many homeowners are eager to purchase a new lawn mower that is as affordable as it is powerful. Toro has long been a top choice for residential mower buyers, since the company has traditionally paired high-powered engines with compact designs and durable materials that easily withstand all kinds of abuse outdoors. This spring season, the company is pairing its commitment to power and durability with a commitment to better value. Customers who pick up a new Toro Variable Speed Walk Mower will enjoy a $10 discount on the final purchase price between now and the last day of May, 2014. It’s the best way to shop early for a great mower at a great price.

Why Pick the Low-Wheel Variable Speed Walk Mower?

Toro’s low-wheel variable speed walk mower has always been a leading choice for homeowners, largely because it sits at the intersection of low overall price and high power. The mower comes with a Kohler OHV engine that easily outpaces the competition and offers several great features to homeowners that will make mowing easier and more enjoyable until the first chill of fall:

– The mower comes with a Kohler OHV engine, which is already pretty impressive, but it also adds “Auto Choke” for better starts. This feature eliminates the priming pump found on most conventional mowers used around the home, which shortens the time it takes to start the mower overall. It also means the mower will likely require fewer pulls of the starter grip to get going.

– Clippings produced during mowing can be disposed of in one of three ways thanks to a highly adaptable deck. By default, the mower mulches clippings and returns them to the lawn so that they can add valuable nutrients to the ground. Using either a bag attachment or a rubber discharge chute, buyers can configure the mower to bag the clippings or shoot them out the side like a conventional mower instead.

– The mower is self-propelled with front-wheel drive. The drive system also features variable speed control, so homeowners can travel forward only at the speed that feels most comfortable to them and works with their lawn’s unique layout and terrain.

– Low-profile tires all the way around the mower make this a great addition to any flat, conventional lawn. Durable treads also ensure that the mower will get the job done without slipping, sliding, and affecting the quality of the cut.

A Perfect Entry-Level Mower for Conventional Residential Environments

Because Toro is so associated with powerful mowers designed for commercial use or challenging terrains, it’s sometimes surprising for homeowners to learn that they make a perfectly conventional walk behind mower as well. This is exactly such a mower: Its low-profile tires make it perfect for standard, flat lawns, while its Kohler engine and self-propelled drive system make it easy to use even on the hottest days.

The ideal buyer of this mower is someone with a smaller outdoor space and a desire to alternate between mulching, bagging, and dispersing clippings out the side of the mower deck. It’s also a great fit for homeowners who prefer to let the mower drive itself, rather than exert a great deal of force behind the handle.

Pick Up the Low-Wheel Variable Walk Mower at a Great Discount

The best time to buy a Toro mower is early in the spring, and that’s thanks in part to the company’s discount on popular models. Those who choose the low-wheel model mentioned here will enjoy a $10 discount on the final purchase price when they use or mention coupon code 1401 through May 31, 2014. IT’s the best way to get a great deal this year on a mower that will last for many years to come.

At the time of purchase, be sure to pick up the mower from Customers in the Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL, areas will enjoy the company’s commitment to value, replacement parts, and the accessories needed to produce professional looking results around the home all year long.

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